Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mock Apple Pie

According to historians, mock apple pie had its origin during the pioneer days. Being that fresh fruit was not available during winter months, innovative cooks devised a method of making the all American, apple pie using soda crackers. I just wonder how American is apple pie? I found info on several kinds here.

Around 1935 the Ritz company came up with their version using their own brand of crackers. That is the recipe I used . I didn’t use Ritz. I used the store brand.

I’d like to tell you that I have step by step pictures of the pie in the making but folks it was 4:00a.m. during one of those , “I- can’t -get- back- to- sleep” nights. So I arose and made this pie.

I don’t know if printing the recipe would be copyright infringement so here’s the
link to the recipe.
NOTE: Instead of using 30 crackers I used the entire sleeve.
Another story goes that this pie has often been used in April Fool’s Day pranks. There’s more about someone named Magnolia Le Guin in an excerpt from the book Fakes, Frauds and Other Malarkey.
I had work that day so I took it with me and set it on the break room table. I didn’t bother to tell anyone what it was. ( I wasn’t being deceitful, just mum) Most people thought it was apple pie. A couple of people said it was good. Long before quitting time, the entire pie was gone. I revealed to a few people what it was. (I’m pretty sure they told the others)
I enjoyed the pie. It is not diet friendly or carb friendly or any other kind of friendly that involves eating healthy.
I’ve heard there’s a mock pecan pie. I plan to search for that one.

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  1. That looks delicious and Thanks for the back info of mock apple pie.