Friday, August 14, 2009

Lemon Pudding or Pie ????

This recipe I clipped from an edition of the Wednesday, Birmingham News. The heading was listed as Diabetic pie recipes.
There was one for strawberry pie, lemon ice box pie, and peanut butter pie.
Here’s the recipe for lemon ice box pie:

* 1 lge. box sugar-free instant vanilla pudding mix
* 1 small tub Crystal Lite lemonade mix
* 2 cups skim milk or 1 % milk
(* I used almond milk)
* 1 16oz. container lite whipped topping
* 2 fat-free graham cracker pie crusts

a. Mix pudding mix and Crystal Lite mix; add milk
b. Whip as directed.
c. Add 2/3 c. whipped topping, folding into pudding.
d. Divide mixture between two pie shells
e. Top with remaining whipped topping

I chose to add about 4 oz. of cream cheese to give it a little stability. I’ve made it according to directions in the past and when cut it doesn’t present clean uniform slices but the filling tastes great. The filling just sort of oozes to the side and sometimes it takes a spoon to get all of the filling out that goes with the slice that was cut.

* At one time I was drinking soy milk (because of lactose intolerance). Almond milk was on sale one day (cheaper than the soy) so I decided to try it. Loved it! Almond milk also has less calories than soy or cow’s milk.


I have made the peanut butter pie in the past using condensed milk. I was pleased with the diabetic version also. This is the recipe for the diabetic one:

* 2 ½ cups skim milk or 1 % milk (I used almond milk)
* 1 large box sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix
* 4 oz. fat-free cream cheese, softened
* 4 TBS sugar-free peanut butter
* 4 oz. lite whipped topping
* 2 fat-free graham cracker pie crusts

a. Mix together milk and pudding mix
b. Add cream cheese and peanut butter, beating well
c. Add whipped topping, mixing well
d. Pour into pie crusts
e. Refrigerate at least two hours before serving.
f. Cut each pie into 8 equal slices


I didn’t bother to pour the filling into a graham cracker crust. In the past the filling usually doesn’t solidify enough to cut it unless it’s slightly frozen. I had a box of graham crackers so I put some of the pudding in a dish and surrounded it with graham crackers.

Overall, I would suggest putting these pies in the freezer for a while so that they can harden to the degree that when cut will produce clean uniform slices.

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