Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scarecrow Boy Has Lost His Head

 I got so excited with this project that I forgot about taking pictures for each step. There are only 4 pictures.
After mulching my flower bed with pine straw, I had an extra bale left over. What to do? Use it as fall decor. 

CLOTHING-  I went to the Thrift Store and bought a pair of jeans, shirt and tie that would fit a small child. The cost was about $2.?? for the 3 pieces.
I tied  the legs off with string so that the stuffing of plastic bags would stay in place.

BODY- I  used an empty Tide detergent bottle for his front and back. Nice and sturdy. To keep the clothes in place I used  safety pins. Not shown is the burlap oval I put on top where his head should be.

ARMS-This burlap was stenciled by me to resemble a burlap coffee bag. It was left over from a project that didn't  pan out but, being the recycler that I am, I saved it in case I could use it elsewhere. The burlap was hot glued into tubes, then stuffed with plastic bags and the wire. Wire was placed inside the arms to bend them  as desired.

Here he is finished.  I had raffia left over from scarecrow girl which I glued inside his burlap tattooed arms and at the end of his legs. Other than the Tide bottle, everything is stuffed with plastic bags. The flowers and berries were also left over from scarecrow girl. The plastic pumpkin I've had for years. I cut out felt facial expressions and hot glued them onto the pumpkin.  I kept him sitting up by tying a wire coat hanger to his shirt and the straw. The foam pumpkin stays in place with nails I placed inside the underside of the pumpkin then pressed into the straw. 

That's  it

Monday, September 25, 2017

Falling for fall

                                                                               (If you just want to see the pictures scroll down)

I enjoy fall. The changing of the leaves, the crisp weather.  Deciding to decorate my front door, I needed some inspiration.  I consulted Pinterest, YouTube, and Google.
I decided on a scarecrow decoration  similar to the one  I viewed at Jody’s Craft Room 

$Dollar Tree items included:
Cream colored straw hat (I painted it light brown)
Light orange raffia
Fall colored flowers and berries
Wire edged ribbon

Other Items I already had on hand
A pair of old black & white clip on earrings with backs removed.
Small orange pom pom balls
Paper flowers with pearl center.
Orange and beige earrings
Acrylic paint and brush
Hot glue and glue gun
Newspaper, plastic bag, heavy string (for stuffing and hanging)

 The hat was an ecru color but I choose to give it a wash with brown acrylic paint for more of a fall look. Though it looks like straw, 60% of its fiber is paper. So, it should not get extremely wet or you'll have paper pulp.

Items used for facial features

Hot glued the raffia for hair

I added earrings but, they don't show up on the finished product.

I admit I had problems making the bow.

The back of the hat with a stuffing of newspaper inside a plastic bag to add weight. A string to hang it on the door hook.
The finished product on the door at night.

Close up

I later went back and cut the hair shorter.  Have a wonderful fall.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Review on Restor- A- Finish

This is the top of a cedar chest that belonged to my mother. I'm estimating that she got it some time in the 1940's. Since her death it has been with me with hopes of my niece claiming it whenever she decides too. 

You can see it's top, specifically has had a little wear and tear so I decided I'd use a product I've used in the past, 
to perk it up.

It was Homer Formby Furniture Refinisher.
  I didn't want to do a thorough stripping, sanding, etc. I wanted more of a facelift for the top.Unfortunately the home improvement store didn't have it.  I was in no mood to shop around so instead I bought Restor-A-Finish.

Directions: Always wipe off excess Restor-A-Finish. Choose the color that best matches the finish of your wood. Apply with a small pad of cloth, or (for severe scratches and white rings) apply with super fine (0000) steel wool. When using steel wool, always rub with the wood grain.

My results were disappointing.  Applying the product, it went on wet and shiny. It gave me the idea that this is what I could expect afterwards. I wiped off the product as instructed and when it dried, the chest looked the same way it did before I started. I used the steel wool to work around the wet ring. Result? Nada.

This is $8 I could have thrown away on a fancy coffee. Not to mention the $4 I spent for  0000 steel wool. 
I could search around for the product I wanted but at this point, I’ve

 decided to cover it with a nice dresser scarf and call it DONE.  
Yep, the photo is upside down but, I've toyed with it long enough trying to fix it.
That's it***


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fabric Covered Boxes

      At one time storing your record albums, LPs, vinyl, (or whatever YOU want to call them) in a milk crate was the thing. I've had these since I don't know when. There's also another box underneath the ones you see here on a lower shelf.

      I had the living room painted and spruced up, so I decided to replace the crates with decorative boxes similar to the ones I've seen in home and craft stores. I first consulted YouTube to get some ideas on how to cover the boxes. In the end, I did my own thing.
I happened to be at Moe's Southwest Grill  and saw one of the workers about to throw away what looked like sturdy,clean, tomato boxes. I asked if I could have them and he said yes. BTW- These boxes also came with lids, but I didn't need those so I took them to the recycling bin. After wiping the boxes down in a bleach solution, drying in the sun, then spraying with disinfectant, I proceeded with my project of covering the boxes in fabric.
 The fabric came from Walmart. We're limited around here as to where we can buy fabric. You can see my blue glue gun in the background.

After a lot of folding, pleating and cutting I was able to hot glue the fabric to the box. It could have been neater but this was my first time trying this.

 I didn't bother to line the inside since no one is supposed to be examining this and it's just for me.

Cutting out the space for the handles wasn't too bad. I made an  "X", then folded the fabric to the inside. 
Folding the edges of some of the material to finish it off and then gluing it on allowed it to come out a lot neater.
Here I am gluing on the folded strips for a clean finish on the handles.

You can see the finished handle has no raw edges.  I did this method on both boxes.

The box still looked a little plain ...

so I brought out the metal lock icons I had in my stash that I'd gotten for $1 at Michael's some time ago. I didn't know what I was going to do with them at the time but, I knew they had a future in some project I'd concoct. I was able to get 2 rolls of the trim you see below with a gift card I've had since 2016, along with asking for a seniors discount. (Being a senior citizen has it's perks๐Ÿ˜€. It's only 10%).
No, I didn't measure before I put the trim on.

Still,the albums look a lot more dressy on the shelf. The locks didn't show up as well as I'd like and I'll probably go back and dry brush them with a little silver paint to enhance the detail.

Here's a close up of the trim and lock.I'm satisfied with how this project turned out.

That's it***

Monday, May 22, 2017

Ms. Jefferson County 2017

Held at the Gardendale Civic Center, Ms. Jefferson County Pageant 2017 included three competitors, Mary Turner, Deborah Williams, and Doris Ann Shipp. The ladies were all from various senior centers around the area.

The pageant is sponsored by Jefferson County Human-Community Services and Economic Development: Senior Services Division where  Janice Williams is Coordinator. Contestants must be 60 years of age and above.

I have attended two previous pageants and all of the ladies conduct themselves with dignity and poise. Defying vulnerability, these ladies, make their promenade through the audience to the stage, leisurely walking back and forth as the emcee introduces us to each contestant giving their background information. Contestants also perform a talent  and in the last segment present themselves in an evening gown and give their philosophy on life.

Between costume changes we were  treated with performances by soloist, Crystal Waddy,

a line dance by  Fairfield Swinging Senior Line Dancers,  as well as a word from some of those who helped sponsor the event.

Before the coronation of Ms. Jefferson County 2017, Tena Wilson, 2016’s Ms. Jefferson County made her final walk then sung, “My Funny Valentine.”
A panel of three comprised the judges.
Deborah Williams and Doris Ann Shipp received trophies for congeniality and two other categories.

 This year’s Ms. Jefferson County winner was Mary L. Turner.  She will go on to compete in the state  event.
A reception followed  immediately after the pageant.