Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thank You Card Earrings

I've just made my first pair of earrings. At one time I was only doing necklaces but then I decided to branch out now that I'm on a FACEBOOK fast until March 24th.

It started with me getting a thank you card that I really had not expected. It was beautiful and the sentiments expressed were the same.

1. I had balsa wood ovals in 3 sizes. After tracing around the paper, I cut them out and put them to the side.
2. I painted the largest ovals on both sides with the pea green acrylic paint you see in the picture. Since the medium and small ovals would only be seen on one side, I only painted one side.
3. After the paint dried, I glued the paper on top of the painted wood.
While I was at it, I took a map pin and pressed holes in the tops of the larger ovals prepping them for earring backs later.
I wanted a rough edging of metallic gold around the edges. I mixed the paint with glue to insure that the paper would stay down.
After the glue dried, I gave them 2 coats of  decoupage clear coating on the front and back.
 I have to admit that I used a gold nail polish on top of the green acrylic paint and then a gold metallic acrylic paint on top of that. I didn't know how it would turn out but I like the texture when it was dry.
 I had a few rhinestones left over from another project and used those to give it a little more bling.
I'm pleased with the way they turned out. I may make a pendant for a necklace.
I just couldn't leave well enough alone.
Seeing the purplish water color stain, I ventured into making a cylindrical pair of earrings out of the paper.
It began with painting one of my business cards with purple metallic polish on both sides. I wanted a two tone look. You can see where I've cut the purple and green paper from the thank you card.

I  glued the card stock over the painted purple card sandwich style and let it dry. Then I cut it into two slender pieces just as you see in the picture.
I wanted beads at the stop of the earring and something  dangling at the bottom.
I went overboard and this is what I got.
 It was resting on my shoulders in a bent formation. It was more than I wanted to wear. I had to decide what I'd do. 
In the end I kept the top purple part and fit it with earring backs.


The pear and leaf dangles, I put back in my stash to use for future projects.

I'd spent a lot of  time on the paper, painting, measuring, cutting, top coating.  It was hard letting go and I couldn't think of anything else I could use it for. After much hesitation, it ended up in the trash.  Sometimes you just have to let go and learn from your mistakes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I tried bok choy also known as Chinese cabbage for the first time a few months ago. I really liked it. There are numerous recipes on how to prepare it. I chose to saute the leaves and stems with a little olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper. As much as I'd like to have more, it's a little pricey for me. $2.49 for a bunch at Publix. Once it's cooked, there's enough for maybe 2 servings.

While visiting YouTube which is something I do frequently, I came across videos of people regrowing  vegetables from a part that was left over. I've tried this with celery, green onions, basil and some others. These were all curiosity experiments and no expectations of a full-fledged plant.

After cutting across the base of the plant,
copied from 
 I placed the base in water.
Top view after two weeks

Side view after two weeks

I read that the plants enjoy cool weather, sun and that the roots do better in the dark. That's when I took it outside and planted in potting soil. Also, the outer stems were disintegrating in the water.
We've had freezing weather and warm sunny weather here in Birmingham, Alabama. You never know what to expect. I never took the plant inside. I let it fend for itself.

You can see the roots attached to the soil

Today I wanted to see if the plant was making any progress after over a month.

After shaking off the dirt this is what was left.
The plant really hasn't grown that much.

After further reading I found that for a complete adult plant, it is necessary to grow them from seed.
I'll eat the leaves off of this and keep sprouting it in water until its completely spent.