Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Wishes on Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

I'm about to break my own rule about blog posts without pictures.

This past weekend was a busy one starting Friday evening.

Attending my brother and his wife’s 30th wedding anniversary was fun. Since my brother likes antique cars specifically Chevys, each table had a framed picture of a particular Chevy along with it’s year on each table. Guests were seated according to make of car and the year. I was seated along with other family members at the 1957 Bel Air table. (I think it was a Bel Air. I know it was 1957). The tables and chairs were draped in white with each chair having a lime green ribbon sash around the back. It was absolutely beautiful.

The reflections the children gave of their parents were hilarious. All three expressed love, gratitude and thanks to their parents.

The band played music from the 1970s as well as a good bit of jazz. They were magnificent. After guests were allowed to serve themselves, a DJ took over the entertainment. We wobbled, bunny hopped,and did the cha cha slide. I really enjoyed myself and I wish them good health and happiness always.

I don’t have  pictures out of respect for their privacy.
Friday-My First Red Hat Society Meeting
Sunday-Local Comics Perform at a Benefit

June 2, 2012  I thought stating my posts for the next few days would make me more timely.                 It didn't.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardening 2012

I came across this collapsible, reusable vase at Office Depot after Christmas. It was on a sales table for 25 cents. The plastic vase is reusable and collapses for storage and reuse.  A shows the vase standing with water inside. B shows the bottom of the vase with water. C is the vase emptied of water and pressed flat for storage. The filled vase has enough room for maybe 4 long stemmed flowers. It is more of a bud vase than a flower vase. Something like this could come in handy during a last minute gift.

D, side view
This year's garden began with me laying black plastic in the area where I planned to place my plants. This cuts back on having to weed around the plants. Most of the containers have been settled on top of bricks. The ones in the concrete blocks are set directly on top of plastic. I prefer to use containers since the ground is mostly clay and the soil would need to be amended and etc. Instead I buy Miracle Gro potting soil and use it. If you enlarge the photos you might see a black plastic chain inside the pots or foot locker. This is to try to dissuade cats and any other creatures from using planters as toilets. Don't know how useful it is but I try.
2012 Garden
 I used last years pots and 2 concrete blocks I had sitting inside the garage serving no purpose. I'd seen  plants placed inside some of the blocks and so I'm trying the same planting stringless beans in one and dwarf sugar snap peas in the other. The sticks and cage are there for the vines to grow on. I have since replaced the sticks with a collapsible metal trellis. The tomato rocket is one of the As Seen On TV plants I picked up at Walgreen's. Herbs include pineapple sage, and citrus mint. Cinnamon basil is in the bottom photo .
You may or may not be able to tell that I have planted squash and bell peppers inside the bottom of a foot locker which I purchased at a thrift store for $9.00 and then took the lid off of when I got home.  I've never planted squash so it is a little crowded in with the peppers.

Cinnamon basil (in pot). Roll out flowers used the top of the foot locker as a bed for the roll out flowers.

The roll outs were left over from last year. They have a few sprouts but nothing like I thought they'd be. Still I will keep them just in case they turn out to be late bloomers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bible Reading Marathon

A volunteer does his 15 minutes of  Bible reading .
 I was a part of the Bible Reading Marathon held at Southside Baptist Church  April 30th. Volunteers would read for 15 minutes from the Bible on the steps of the church. After 15 minutes the next person would stand behind the previous, lightly tap him/her on the shoulder and take up where the reader left off. The marathon went on through the night with there being security for the night time hours. The marathon officially began April 29th and ended May 3rd.  Readers could read from their own Bible in their own language if they so desired.
There's something about standing outside, atop the marble steps, framed inside the columns reading through a microphone that makes the experience so "Biblical." I get the picture that it's the way Moses must have felt when he went up to Mount Sinai.

(In all honesty I have to say I thought of Charleton Heston in the movie, The Ten Commandments)

What's happening at the top of the steps. I read after this man.
The ladies at the table to the side signed in the volunteers and one of them read silently along
with the oral reader just in case the replacement needed to know where someone had  left off. Inside the church were snacks, water, etc. The weather was not overly warm for me when I read at 12 noon. The columns and banner provided some degree of shade and participants were always welcomed to go inside for relief.

Channel 42 News did a clip of the marathon.

This is something I'd like to do again.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I try to patronize small businesses as much as possible. I travel  down First Avenue  frequently on my way to the opposite side of town since I avoid freeways. Z's Restaurant is located on the 17th Street side. If I'm not mistaken they recently took on unused space next to their restaurant and added it to their own.
This photo taken from my car as I was leaving. You may or may not notice my radio antenna
The room below is what I continued to catch glimpses of as I  drove down 1st Avenue.  The sophisticated furniture and window treatments caught my eye and made me want to go inside and get a better look.

I sat by the window to eat and watch the foot and motor traffic

I placed my order at the steam table located  just past the entrance.  The serving person as well as the owner were cordial, friendly and behaved in the way I expected to be treated. It is the reason I prefer to  shop at privately owned businesses. Since it is their livelihood and not a chain store, they are more apt to treat customers in an appreciable way than  a franchised chain.

In another nook of the restaurant was this dining area. The table was set with chargers, plates, napkins inside napkin rings and a general appearance of elegance. Various ethnic art prints and sculptures were displayed throughout the establishment. The soft music in the background added to the ambiance.

Condiment Station

After placing my meal on the table the server  indicated the condiment station where I could get anything  I might need to enhance the flavor of my meal.

This looks yummy

ON the takeout menu  was written:
"Z'S is proud of a healthy, pork-free menu for health-conscience eaters while creating a great gathering place for everyday people, meetings, parties and celebrations!"

Z's lists it's desserts as AWARD WINNING. Among the homemade sweetness is Vanilla Bean Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Pound Cake, Banana Pudding, Peach Cobbler and Z's Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I opted not to order dessert.
My meal consisted of steamed cabbage, green beans with white potatoes, stuffing w/ cranberry sauce (I'd been wanting stuffing for a long time) 2 small cornbread muffins and water to drink.  The food was not overly seasoned and consisted of generous portions. So generous were the portions that I didn't finish it all and made me glad I hadn't ordered a dessert.
Z's offers call in and pick up service 205-250-6288 and also serves breakfast.
I've kept my take out menu so that I can place a take out of collard greens, field peas and candied yams on one of those days I have a hankering for some home cooked food.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Ms. Senior Jefferson County Pageant was held at Thirgood C.M.E Church. It is sponsored by the Jefferson County Commission and the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services.  This is a fantastic organization that has so many valuable resources for seniors .  As a former caregiver I can't express how much of a blessing this organization was for me. Such a compassionate, caring staff with the love and patience needed when going through perilous times.
The pageant was organized by the Director, Janice L. Williams and her staff. The program began with a welcome from the Executive Director, Barbara Shores.
From there MC, Charles Crockrom, Director of Alumni Affairs had Miles College officiated .

In attendance was Beth Vick a former Ms. Senior Jefferson County. Beth entertained us singing,  I Could Have Danced All Night  as she gracefully whirled about the stage.
Beth Vick.  former Ms. Senior Jefferson County
Contestants must be 60 years of age and above.  The competition included contestants presenting themselves to the audience as the MC read  information regarding their hobbies and interests. During the evening wear segment contestants stepped to the microphone and gave their philosophy of life. Various talents were displayed by the contestants.

There were three contestants. From left to right; Demetrius Singletan, Janet Roundtree Hudson, Yvonne Bradberry

Contestant # 1, Yvonne Bradberry exhibited her singing talents with a spiritual song. She was supported  by cheers from her friends at St. John Senior Center which she attends.
Contestant # 2 Janet Rouundtree Hudson marveled with her recitation of a Langston Hughes poem. She is affiliated with Senior Employment Training Program
Contestant #3, Demetrius Singletan demonstrated fancy footwork with her dancing skills. She was cheered on by her friends from Shepherd's Center East
Between phases of the pageant other entertainment included musical solos by Rev. Dollie Pankey and dance group Smart Moves.

There were three judges from various senior organizations around the city.

left to right: Demetrius Singletan, Janet Roundtree Hudson, Yvonne Bradberry

After tabulation of votes:
all were winners.
MS. CONGENIALITY: Yvonne Bradberry (third from left)
FIRST RUNNER UP: Demetrius Singletan (first from left)
MS. SENIOR JEFFERSON COUNTY: Janet Roundtree Hudson (second from left)

Ms. Senior Jefferson County will go on to compete in the  Ms. Senior Alabama competition. After the event punch and cake was served.  Such a pleasant event with positive attitudes from contestants and audience members.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Senior Volunteer Luncheon

I participated in relief efforts after last April's devastating tornado. For a short time I also volunteered at another site. This was my first luncheon. Read the captions for a short post of the events.

The band Act IV performed. the band consisted of a vocalist and three musicians.
The music was great with the vocalist singing tunes by Jill Scott, Anita Baker and other popular artists.

Sauteed chicken breast w/capers, sugar snap peas, red peppers, lemon pasta, rolls. Dessert was pound cake topped with fresh berries. Coffee, tea and water were the available beverages
The ladies below allowed me to take photos of them in their beautiful hats.


My computer continues to be possessed by the TIME-TO-GET-A-NEW-ONE virus. I am unable to group the photos the way I want. Blogger can sometimes be difficult also.
I enjoyed myself and meeting new people. I even saw a few people I knew. So far this senior citizen thing isn't so bad. There are perks.

Coming Soon**** Ms. Senior Jefferson County Pageant

Thursday, May 3, 2012


 Embellishments performed a handbell concert at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Andromeda was accompanied by a Power Point Presentation of nebulas, galaxies, and other space scenes taken with the Hubble telescope.

We were told by the Directress, Phyllis Kirk that the composer of Le Carnaval Des Animaux, Camille Saint-Saens, would only allow The Swan to be played in public during his lifetime. He stated that other pieces of the collection were only to be played upon his death. Other songs in the collection include The Kangaroo which was done haltingly symbolizing the hopping and stopping of a kangaroo. Elephant was another part of the suite. Persons with Long Ears brought to mind a rabbit or hare but we were informed it was a donkey. A very small violin about twelve inches was used to represent the sound of the donkey. Imagine someone unable to play the violin stretching the bow slowly across the strings which gives a braying sound, The Turtle was also one of the animals. The sound of The Cuckoo in the Middle of the Woods was done with a recorder. It was amusing in that the musician played the same two notes over and over until the end of the piece

To hear the Duke’s music played with handbels was a treat in itself.  Don’t Get Around Much Anymore was lively and put a fresh spin on Duke Ellington’s well known composition.

Pavane is best known as a more modern tune, Stranger in Paradise.
Polovetsian Dance No. 1 was a slow version of the can can. As an encore the version was done more upbeat with a humorous surprise for the audience.

Amazing Grace was played on bagpipes by Trent Bradford  as the handbell ensemble accompanied him. Adorned in  authentic Scottish apparel the bagpiper added realism to his performance.
  As an encore the company did a “remix” of Polovetsian Dance No. 1 with an  upbeat can can tempo. Along with this two of the handbell members had donned black stockings on their arms which served as legs underneath a wide skirt, lifted and swung side to side in can can dance fashion. Peals of laughter erupted from the audience .