Saturday, May 12, 2012


I try to patronize small businesses as much as possible. I travel  down First Avenue  frequently on my way to the opposite side of town since I avoid freeways. Z's Restaurant is located on the 17th Street side. If I'm not mistaken they recently took on unused space next to their restaurant and added it to their own.
This photo taken from my car as I was leaving. You may or may not notice my radio antenna
The room below is what I continued to catch glimpses of as I  drove down 1st Avenue.  The sophisticated furniture and window treatments caught my eye and made me want to go inside and get a better look.

I sat by the window to eat and watch the foot and motor traffic

I placed my order at the steam table located  just past the entrance.  The serving person as well as the owner were cordial, friendly and behaved in the way I expected to be treated. It is the reason I prefer to  shop at privately owned businesses. Since it is their livelihood and not a chain store, they are more apt to treat customers in an appreciable way than  a franchised chain.

In another nook of the restaurant was this dining area. The table was set with chargers, plates, napkins inside napkin rings and a general appearance of elegance. Various ethnic art prints and sculptures were displayed throughout the establishment. The soft music in the background added to the ambiance.

Condiment Station

After placing my meal on the table the server  indicated the condiment station where I could get anything  I might need to enhance the flavor of my meal.

This looks yummy

ON the takeout menu  was written:
"Z'S is proud of a healthy, pork-free menu for health-conscience eaters while creating a great gathering place for everyday people, meetings, parties and celebrations!"

Z's lists it's desserts as AWARD WINNING. Among the homemade sweetness is Vanilla Bean Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Pound Cake, Banana Pudding, Peach Cobbler and Z's Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. I opted not to order dessert.
My meal consisted of steamed cabbage, green beans with white potatoes, stuffing w/ cranberry sauce (I'd been wanting stuffing for a long time) 2 small cornbread muffins and water to drink.  The food was not overly seasoned and consisted of generous portions. So generous were the portions that I didn't finish it all and made me glad I hadn't ordered a dessert.
Z's offers call in and pick up service 205-250-6288 and also serves breakfast.
I've kept my take out menu so that I can place a take out of collard greens, field peas and candied yams on one of those days I have a hankering for some home cooked food.


  1. You talk about THE best places! I've lived here most of my life and have never heard of half the stuff you post about! My "to visit" list grows every time you blog lol

  2. That looks like such a relaxing place to enjoy a delicious meal. Sheesh can't remember the last time I had cabbage... now have the urge for it.