Thursday, February 24, 2011

T- Shirt Scarf

I can't take credit for this idea. I was web surfing and came across it at Brittney N Gray
over at YouTube. It was so easy I had to try it. She also has some other videos along with a blogspot.

I started out with a 99 cents T-shirt that I bought from the thrift store. It was a child' s shirt but that didn't matter because I was experimenting. It's best to get one without a logo if you want everything to end up one color. After I washed and dried the T-shirt (I wash everything I get from the thrift), I laid it out on a table.

T-shirts without side seams work best. You'll see why in a minute. I smoothed out the shirt and cut off the finished bottom edge.

I began cutting crosswise, using a rotary cutter strips about an inch wide. You could make them a little wider but if they get too wide they don't roll well. Had there been side seams the strips might have come loose and you would have been annoyed by bumps on the edges.
They look a bit like mummy strips don't they?

Take each strip and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it. Think exercise resistance band. When you stretch it, it will roll up on itself so you don't have to do any sewing to finish it off. That's also why it's best not to cut the strips too wide.

When I finished I had fourteen strips. Actually I had 13 but I'm superstitious so I cut 2 extras.

Here you see the strips after I'd finished stretching them. I took one of the strips, cut it and tied it around all of the loops so they'd stay in place. You don't want to have to round up all of those loops every time you wear it. Plus, my version is just a small one. If you watched the video above, hers is very full.

These are a couple of ways.

In this photo I was trying to show it hanging long from the neck. (I don't know how to stitch a picture but these two go together. My attempt at showing from neck to waist.)

Here it is double looped around the neck with a brooch/pin attached conspicuously.

Lastly, it is double looped fanned out.
There are numerous ways to wear this. Use your imagination. I don't think I'll be wearing it anywhere but it was a fun project . Quick, easy and the only materials needed were sharp scissors and an old T-shirt.
P.S. I had to spellcheck this post 3 times. For some strange reason I kept forgetting to put the "r" in "shirt."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Are you as tired of this as I am?
People in the middle of a busy six lane highway soliciting money. I don't know if it is for a legitimate organization or not. Most are usually polite when you decline. It's the very idea that they are out there. Surely there's some law against this. This is a fatality waiting to happen.

Don't Get It Twisted Don't store your Worcestershire sauce next to your amber beer. You might get it twisted.

Don't store your rubbing alcohol next to your witch hazel.

You might get it twisted
Yes, I did that
I took a fuzzy cozy wrap around sweater from the thrift store. I washed it in hot water thinking I was going to have boiled wool afterwards. That may have happened had it been 100% wool. This sweater wasn't my size from the beginning.
I cut the sleeves off.

I sewed up the raw ends .

Instant socks to wear around the house.
Sort of like leg warmers but they feel so cozy.
I know it's preposterous.