Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Are you as tired of this as I am?
People in the middle of a busy six lane highway soliciting money. I don't know if it is for a legitimate organization or not. Most are usually polite when you decline. It's the very idea that they are out there. Surely there's some law against this. This is a fatality waiting to happen.

Don't Get It Twisted Don't store your Worcestershire sauce next to your amber beer. You might get it twisted.

Don't store your rubbing alcohol next to your witch hazel.

You might get it twisted
Yes, I did that
I took a fuzzy cozy wrap around sweater from the thrift store. I washed it in hot water thinking I was going to have boiled wool afterwards. That may have happened had it been 100% wool. This sweater wasn't my size from the beginning.
I cut the sleeves off.

I sewed up the raw ends .

Instant socks to wear around the house.
Sort of like leg warmers but they feel so cozy.
I know it's preposterous.

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  1. New york has curb the soliciting on the streets, now they can be found in the mini malls asking for a donation. That was such a clever idea to use the sleeves as socks.