Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scarecrow Boy Has Lost His Head

 I got so excited with this project that I forgot about taking pictures for each step. There are only 4 pictures.
After mulching my flower bed with pine straw, I had an extra bale left over. What to do? Use it as fall decor. 

CLOTHING-  I went to the Thrift Store and bought a pair of jeans, shirt and tie that would fit a small child. The cost was about $2.?? for the 3 pieces.
I tied  the legs off with string so that the stuffing of plastic bags would stay in place.

BODY- I  used an empty Tide detergent bottle for his front and back. Nice and sturdy. To keep the clothes in place I used  safety pins. Not shown is the burlap oval I put on top where his head should be.

ARMS-This burlap was stenciled by me to resemble a burlap coffee bag. It was left over from a project that didn't  pan out but, being the recycler that I am, I saved it in case I could use it elsewhere. The burlap was hot glued into tubes, then stuffed with plastic bags and the wire. Wire was placed inside the arms to bend them  as desired.

Here he is finished.  I had raffia left over from scarecrow girl which I glued inside his burlap tattooed arms and at the end of his legs. Other than the Tide bottle, everything is stuffed with plastic bags. The flowers and berries were also left over from scarecrow girl. The plastic pumpkin I've had for years. I cut out felt facial expressions and hot glued them onto the pumpkin.  I kept him sitting up by tying a wire coat hanger to his shirt and the straw. The foam pumpkin stays in place with nails I placed inside the underside of the pumpkin then pressed into the straw. 

That's  it