Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Broccolini-It's the skinny one

Broccolini®, known in Europe as asparation and in the United States as baby broccoli, is a trademark of the Mann Produce Company, which developed the hybrid between broccoli and gai lan, also known as Chinese kale. The unique vegetable resembles broccoli or asparagus in physical appearance, with long stalks topped by delicate buds. (picture and text copied from

I took a chance on planting a few back in September.I knew it was a cole crop You understood correctly, "cole" not "cold". Others in that family are cabbage, broccoli, brussels  sprouts, cauliflower. I call them the stinky veggies because most give off an odor when cooked. It's my understanding that it's the sulfur in them that's released when cooking.
I started out with one pot but since I had  eight plants I had to find more pots.
 This is just after planting. I eventually added another pot. I left them in a sunny area. When we had cold snaps, I didn't bother covering them since they are cooler weather  crops. I did  fertilize them once using the bottled directions.

You can see they've grown quite a bit.

You can see where the broccolini heads a beginning 
to set. In the meantime I've discovered that the leaves on broccoli and broccolini are edible, You cook them the way you would any other greens.

                        I ATE THE LEAVES

I cut a few leaves from the larger plants. They aren't very large so they aren't tough or bitter. I washed them and tried them on a towel.
Placing a little oil, onion  and garlic in a cast iron pan, I added the chiffonaded leaves, salt and pepper. I sauteed them the way I would spinach, then added a little water, placed a top on it and let it steam a few minutes.  Larger leaves may require more cooking similar to collards.
After plating, I tasted the results and it was delicious. I plan to do this again but I'll give my plants a chance to grow before I pick it bald.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Remedial Shopping 101

I’ve really got to broaden my scope when it comes to shopping. I had no idea that Lands’ End was a separate store inside of Sears.   

I haven’t been to the Galleria Mall in ages. It’s a huge place and one of the few indoor malls still in existence.  Parking in the Sears lot would serve as a reminder as to where I’d parked my car once I’d finished my minuscule shopping.  I was going in only one store and that was Torrid, which I’d never been to or heard of until someone told me about it.  I actually had to look at the mall map to locate the store.

Before leaving Sears I decided to look around . I first asked a salesclerk where the full figured clothing was. She told me I was presently in Lands’ End  and that the rest of the Sears clothing was over there. She pointed. I thanked her and proceeded to peruse the goods. They had a good selection of larger sizes.

After selecting three items, I scanned the  Ladies  section and spied the fitting room behind the register where the initial clerk was. I walked over and told her I’d like to try on the items.  She told me to go right on in. She and another sales person continued working on pricing and arranging  goods.

I decided on a red top, went back out and told the initial clerk that I wanted to purchase it. She apologetically told me that they were having to arrange inventory and had a short time to finish it so, she couldn’t check me out. The other clerk chimed in with, “Didn’t you read the sign?” I looked around for a sign. My eyes finally rested on a  5”x 7” navy blue card, with white writing, and approximately 16 font, Bodoni   type, perched on a three inch high, wire holder.

 It stated something similar to the following:   
This register closed. Inventory being processed. Proceed to next register.

 I  asked where I could pay for the garment and was told to go to a Sears register.  Looking about, I saw another suspended
 CHECKOUT HERE sign and headed that way.

I’m not angry about the incident. I too have worked in retail and oftentimes it is stressful.  

Perhaps Lands’ End should build a wall separating it from Sears though it is inside of Sears. It would be a huge help to infrequent, unknowledgeable, shoppers such as me.  There should be GIGANTIC   signage with the Lands’ End logo emphasizing,  

  Pay for LANDS’ END items here. SEARS items cannot be checked out at this register.

This would be helpful for the employees also.  Maybe they wouldn’t have to explain this  every time an unaware, befuddled, consumer, ambles into the hallowed space of Lands’ End.
That's it ***

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You might be a Senior Citizen

If you get up every morning and head to your closest fast food restaurant for coffee,
   You might be a senior citizen.

If you know that a senior coffee at McDonald's in Pinson is 64 cents, Center Point 54 cents, and Trussville 66 cents,
    You might be a senior citizen.

 If the trash can in your garage is filled with empty coffee containers from fast food restaurants,
   You might be a senior citizen.

If you like your coffee with 7 to 9 creams, know that you're lactose intolerant and keep Lactaid or similar  lactose products in the console of your car,
   You might be a senior citizen.
 If you know the names of the employees at the food establishment, they automatically know what you want without asking you, and proceed to pour it up,
    You might be a senior citizen.

Then again it could mean  something completely different.

That's It ***

Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Hallows Eve

Riding Around I saw a few places with decor. Some find it offensive and some don't. There's always something that offends someone. You can't please everybody and you can go crazy trying.
Just a few pictures taken from the car.

See, nothing really scary.