Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Granny Cake (6 photos)

Granny Cake

Mostly pictures today.

The set up

What to do and when

If you can't see this click the link in the title

Sliding it into the oven

Sliding it out of the oven when done

Cooking the sauce that is poured over the cooked cake
The cake was a big hit.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Coffee and Conversation-1

(7 photos)
I decided that I wanted to have some people over for good old conversation. The type devoid of cell phones
and heavy duty political and religious debates.

In preparation for the event I put together a few recipes I'd seen on various internet sites. After all what's coffee without something to chew on?

I put together 3 different desserts.  Coffee Tiramisu, S'mookies, Granny Cake. Along with these three were Alabama Firecrackers and a fruit bowl.

Below is Coffee Tiramisu

I lined an 8 x 8 pan with plastic wrap so that I could easily slice and unmold it.

The first layer is whipped topping.

Dip each cookie into coffee and lay it across the whipped topping

I had to halve a few cookies to make them fit.

Continue to layer with whipped topping and cookies until you get to the top.

I  shaved chocolate on top, covered the pan and placed it in the freezer so that I could cut it into manageable pieces

Ready to serve

Ta da!

Side bar
I'm liking this slide cutter plastic wrap. So much easier to use.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

East Lake United Methodist Downstairs Diner

(4 photos)
Located in the East Lake area of Birmingham, Alabama, East Lake United Methodist Church sponsors many programs in addition to regular worship services.

They have a Saturday Farmers Market which also has additional vendors with various wares, handmade, homemade, independent sellers of coffee, sorbets, balms, butters, lotions. I was once a vendor of handmade goods and had a booth there also. It was my first experience as a vendor and it was a good one.

There's always live music during market time from various  musicians. All of this helps create an atmosphere of community. 
Go to their website  or Facebook page to see everything they do.

Since my post is mainly about my first experience at their Downstairs Diner, I'll stick to that.
The menu for the month can be found on their website and as you can see they specialize in home cooking.

 Who can resist a deal like this? As a "mature" person, I'm not ashamed to take advantage of discounts offered, nor am I too prideful to ask if there is a discount for senior citizens when I go places.
I opted not to have bread nor dessert with my meal.
 The food was spectacular with ample portions. So tasty. Seasoned well, fresh, hot and delicious. The answer to when you're tired of eating fast food. As a senior I took advantage of the discount. But, even at regular price it is affordable.  Where can you get a meat, 2 veggies, bread, dessert and beverage for $7.00? And, if you sign up for the seniors program you can get all of that for $4.00 but, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be going back.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Dyed shoes that died (5 photos)

Not all projects turn out the way you want them to as I have shown before. Unlike some, I'm willing to own up to the good and the bad. I rarely become upset because they're all experiments I enjoy undertaking and I don't spend a lot of money on them.

I found these white leather shoes
in a thrift shop. I tried them on and found them comfortable. I disinfected the shoes by wiping them inside with Mr. Clean, drying outside in the sun and spraying with Lysol. 

I thought they'd be great in purple. Why purple?
I'm a member of a Red Hat Society
chapter and the colors are red and purple.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on red and purple, nor wear the same thing all of the time, being that there are numerous "hoots" to attend. 
These are the dyes and colors I tried with no pleasing success.

1. Dye-na-flow- watery and runny.Not really made for this project, but what the heck.

2. Craft Smart acrylic paint-too light and not a smooth cover
A waste of painters tape

3. Folk Art multisurface metallic- 

4. Craft Smart black-
thinking maybe if I prime it with black, it'll cover the white spots and accept the purple metallic better.-

5. Rit dye full strength- Another ugh, ugh. watery.

In the end...

That's it ***