Monday, March 26, 2018

Boho upcycle and recycle (6 photos)

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    informal term for Bohemian (sense 2 of the noun).


I can waste a lot of time on PINTEREST.
But, the ideas are mesmerizing and get my creative juices going. The juices might have been flowing but it was two months before I got back to the project.

Wayward Threads

 The inspirational outfits

I'm not artist, but this is my sketch. I had big plans. And, yes I sketched it on the back of an envelope that came in the mail.
I have a habit of saving them and using them as scratch paper. It's just another way I recycle.

I bought these 3 items from the second hand store ON Seniors Day which afforded me another 50% off of my total purchase. I cut the tees into rectangles and cut the flannel shirt about where my waist would be.
I bought the shirt larger to allow for any cutting and seams I might need to do. Turns out the sleeves were toooo long and I had to take darts in the back. When it came to mitering the seams on the side I had to contact YouTube University😃. You can find a wealth of information there for almost any problem you have.
I wanted to add lace to the bottom similar to others I'd seen and so I went to yet another thrift store looking for a vintage lace that would fit in with the theme. I found it on pillow shams of which I cut it off and sewed to the bottom. The end result was neatly done . When I put it on, I didn't like what I saw. It needed more alterations and customizing for my figure.
I wasn't willing to spend more time or money on this project.
This will be going into a pile of discards that I'll give to a friend for her grand kids to play dress-up in.

I'm not disappointed. I probably spent about $10 on this project. I'm not defeated. On to the next boho project.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Shoe Tree Doorstop 10 pics

The finished product

The inspiration. Found on Pinterest. Sponsored by Etsy
Found this one, lonely, wooden shoe tree

These were the colors I used, distressing between layers. 
Top layer of gold metallic and then lightly distressing again

Old jewelry used for decoration
More left over baubles glued on. You can see the colors coming through and also where I forgot to remove tape. Oops!
Close up of the top using pony beads and other plastic beads. Painted vines and stems.
Side view. Black felt glued to the sole to prevent scratch marks on the floor
Again, the finished product. Ta da🎶🎶
That's it

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cinnamon Apple Spice and Lemonade mix

Yes, I use my coffee maker to also make tea. I'm not someone who likes a lot of gadgets that do only one thing. I'm a minimalist.
Celestial Seasonings is one of my favorite tea brands.  I'm known to add a little lemon and sugar or honey to my cuppa. I'm not a fan of the British way of just drinking it "naked".

But! when I tasted the rich strong flavor of the Cinnamon Apple Spice, I didn't need to add anything. The spice is robust leaving a memory on the tongue.  That's when I got the idea to add instant lemonade to it.  This concoction is tasty hot or cold.
Hot or cold it's flavorsome.

That's it ***

Sweet Potato Soup mix from ALDI

(6 pictures)

ALDI is a discount supermarket that came to this area a few years back.  There are ALDIs in other areas of the country too. I really like their produce. It’s less expensive than in other stores and still fresh. It’s been said that it’s organic by some. I'm unsure as to whether that is true or not.  If so that may the reason it spoils so quickly.
Not everything at ALDI is great, but then there are other stores I shop and they’re not perfect either.
If you want to shave a few bucks off of the grocery bill you might want to try them.

Being a fan of sweet potatoes, I decided to try their Sweet Potato soup mix.

I halved, baked, and scooped out the flesh as instructed.
Pouring the mix and water into a sauce pan
Ladling the warm mixture into a blender to puree.
The pureed soup. Very smooth.

I didn't like the soup. I tried adding a little salt, but that didn't make it any better.  It tasted like baby food.  The soup ended up here