Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Review on Restor- A- Finish

This is the top of a cedar chest that belonged to my mother. I'm estimating that she got it some time in the 1940's. Since her death it has been with me with hopes of my niece claiming it whenever she decides too. 

You can see it's top, specifically has had a little wear and tear so I decided I'd use a product I've used in the past, 
to perk it up.

It was Homer Formby Furniture Refinisher.
  I didn't want to do a thorough stripping, sanding, etc. I wanted more of a facelift for the top.Unfortunately the home improvement store didn't have it.  I was in no mood to shop around so instead I bought Restor-A-Finish.

Directions: Always wipe off excess Restor-A-Finish. Choose the color that best matches the finish of your wood. Apply with a small pad of cloth, or (for severe scratches and white rings) apply with super fine (0000) steel wool. When using steel wool, always rub with the wood grain.

My results were disappointing.  Applying the product, it went on wet and shiny. It gave me the idea that this is what I could expect afterwards. I wiped off the product as instructed and when it dried, the chest looked the same way it did before I started. I used the steel wool to work around the wet ring. Result? Nada.

This is $8 I could have thrown away on a fancy coffee. Not to mention the $4 I spent for  0000 steel wool. 
I could search around for the product I wanted but at this point, I’ve

 decided to cover it with a nice dresser scarf and call it DONE.  
Yep, the photo is upside down but, I've toyed with it long enough trying to fix it.
That's it***