Sunday, May 6, 2012

Senior Volunteer Luncheon

I participated in relief efforts after last April's devastating tornado. For a short time I also volunteered at another site. This was my first luncheon. Read the captions for a short post of the events.

The band Act IV performed. the band consisted of a vocalist and three musicians.
The music was great with the vocalist singing tunes by Jill Scott, Anita Baker and other popular artists.

Sauteed chicken breast w/capers, sugar snap peas, red peppers, lemon pasta, rolls. Dessert was pound cake topped with fresh berries. Coffee, tea and water were the available beverages
The ladies below allowed me to take photos of them in their beautiful hats.


My computer continues to be possessed by the TIME-TO-GET-A-NEW-ONE virus. I am unable to group the photos the way I want. Blogger can sometimes be difficult also.
I enjoyed myself and meeting new people. I even saw a few people I knew. So far this senior citizen thing isn't so bad. There are perks.

Coming Soon**** Ms. Senior Jefferson County Pageant

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