Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Ms. Senior Jefferson County Pageant was held at Thirgood C.M.E Church. It is sponsored by the Jefferson County Commission and the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services.  This is a fantastic organization that has so many valuable resources for seniors .  As a former caregiver I can't express how much of a blessing this organization was for me. Such a compassionate, caring staff with the love and patience needed when going through perilous times.
The pageant was organized by the Director, Janice L. Williams and her staff. The program began with a welcome from the Executive Director, Barbara Shores.
From there MC, Charles Crockrom, Director of Alumni Affairs had Miles College officiated .

In attendance was Beth Vick a former Ms. Senior Jefferson County. Beth entertained us singing,  I Could Have Danced All Night  as she gracefully whirled about the stage.
Beth Vick.  former Ms. Senior Jefferson County
Contestants must be 60 years of age and above.  The competition included contestants presenting themselves to the audience as the MC read  information regarding their hobbies and interests. During the evening wear segment contestants stepped to the microphone and gave their philosophy of life. Various talents were displayed by the contestants.

There were three contestants. From left to right; Demetrius Singletan, Janet Roundtree Hudson, Yvonne Bradberry

Contestant # 1, Yvonne Bradberry exhibited her singing talents with a spiritual song. She was supported  by cheers from her friends at St. John Senior Center which she attends.
Contestant # 2 Janet Rouundtree Hudson marveled with her recitation of a Langston Hughes poem. She is affiliated with Senior Employment Training Program
Contestant #3, Demetrius Singletan demonstrated fancy footwork with her dancing skills. She was cheered on by her friends from Shepherd's Center East
Between phases of the pageant other entertainment included musical solos by Rev. Dollie Pankey and dance group Smart Moves.

There were three judges from various senior organizations around the city.

left to right: Demetrius Singletan, Janet Roundtree Hudson, Yvonne Bradberry

After tabulation of votes:
all were winners.
MS. CONGENIALITY: Yvonne Bradberry (third from left)
FIRST RUNNER UP: Demetrius Singletan (first from left)
MS. SENIOR JEFFERSON COUNTY: Janet Roundtree Hudson (second from left)

Ms. Senior Jefferson County will go on to compete in the  Ms. Senior Alabama competition. After the event punch and cake was served.  Such a pleasant event with positive attitudes from contestants and audience members.

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