Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Wishes on Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

I'm about to break my own rule about blog posts without pictures.

This past weekend was a busy one starting Friday evening.

Attending my brother and his wife’s 30th wedding anniversary was fun. Since my brother likes antique cars specifically Chevys, each table had a framed picture of a particular Chevy along with it’s year on each table. Guests were seated according to make of car and the year. I was seated along with other family members at the 1957 Bel Air table. (I think it was a Bel Air. I know it was 1957). The tables and chairs were draped in white with each chair having a lime green ribbon sash around the back. It was absolutely beautiful.

The reflections the children gave of their parents were hilarious. All three expressed love, gratitude and thanks to their parents.

The band played music from the 1970s as well as a good bit of jazz. They were magnificent. After guests were allowed to serve themselves, a DJ took over the entertainment. We wobbled, bunny hopped,and did the cha cha slide. I really enjoyed myself and I wish them good health and happiness always.

I don’t have  pictures out of respect for their privacy.
Friday-My First Red Hat Society Meeting
Sunday-Local Comics Perform at a Benefit

June 2, 2012  I thought stating my posts for the next few days would make me more timely.                 It didn't.


  1. Here's my hearty wedding anniversary wishes for the couples. Have a happy anniversary.

  2. Nice of you wishing them on their anniversary. Mus be a special couple.... being together for 30 years, wow! My heartiest wedding anniversary wishes for them. Cheers!