Saturday, June 2, 2012


It may have been 97 degrees or higher outside on Saturday, but this didn’t stop the Red and Pink Hatters from dining al fresco at Vulcan Park.

This was my first Red Hat Society event.  Queen T. did a fabulous job of planning the event

The picnic area we were in required going up and down steps a few times but once we got settled the Queen had us do an icebreaker game. We were divided into two teams. There were two paper bags with their tops rolled down. Inside were a pair of garden gloves and peppermint stars. A person from each team had to unroll the bag, put on the gloves, unwrap the cellophane candy and put it in her mouth. Once that was done, she was to remove her gloves, put them back in the bag and roll it back down whereupon the next team member took over. The team to finish first would be winners.  Each member of the winning team was given a small red and white or pink and white flowered tote bag.
Before eating a business meeting was conducted. I have to hand it to the Queen, she had a calendar of events all the way up to February 2013. I just love organization and timeliness.  This particular chapter has only been in existence for a year.
 I’m looking forward to the camaraderie and activities. I guess I’ll be accumulating a lot of red and purple.   

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