Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bible Reading Marathon

A volunteer does his 15 minutes of  Bible reading .
 I was a part of the Bible Reading Marathon held at Southside Baptist Church  April 30th. Volunteers would read for 15 minutes from the Bible on the steps of the church. After 15 minutes the next person would stand behind the previous, lightly tap him/her on the shoulder and take up where the reader left off. The marathon went on through the night with there being security for the night time hours. The marathon officially began April 29th and ended May 3rd.  Readers could read from their own Bible in their own language if they so desired.
There's something about standing outside, atop the marble steps, framed inside the columns reading through a microphone that makes the experience so "Biblical." I get the picture that it's the way Moses must have felt when he went up to Mount Sinai.

(In all honesty I have to say I thought of Charleton Heston in the movie, The Ten Commandments)

What's happening at the top of the steps. I read after this man.
The ladies at the table to the side signed in the volunteers and one of them read silently along
with the oral reader just in case the replacement needed to know where someone had  left off. Inside the church were snacks, water, etc. The weather was not overly warm for me when I read at 12 noon. The columns and banner provided some degree of shade and participants were always welcomed to go inside for relief.

Channel 42 News did a clip of the marathon.

This is something I'd like to do again.

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