Saturday, August 8, 2009

BOOK REPORT: Mop Men by Alan Emmins

If you've ever watched CSI or read the news you know that some crime scenes can be pretty grisly. Ever wondered who cleans up the mess?

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your neighbor. Is it too much for a body to take out the garbage. The overwhelming stench from his apartment has saturated your own private living space. Contacting the building Superintendent, he consents to enter the apartment and remove the offending garbage.

The foul odor is actually the rotting corpse of the neighbor slumped over his dining table. Maggots, dripping body fluids and dried blood indicate he’s been disintegrating for some time.

Evidence has been collected, the body removed. Enter Neal Smither to clean up the gory, gooey, ghastly mess? Neal is a Crime Scene Cleaner. Neal prays for death in any form; Suicide, Homicide, Accidental Death. Without it he makes no money. Author, Alan Emmins shadows Neal Smither and his crew as they restore gruesome death scenes to pristine order.

This book is not for the faint of heart. Neal Smither deals with death in an irreverent manner. Scraping brain matter off walls, removing and replacing tile steeped in a month of blood and body fluid, is just another day at the office for Neal. A lucrative business yet grisly one, Neal has little competition allowing him to make a KILLING.

There's a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris and Eva Mendes that involves the work of a cleaner who was once a cop and what he comes across. I won't spoil it just in case you plan to watch it. I enjoyed it.


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  1. I saw the Cleaner with Samuel L. Jackson and it was a good movie.