Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BOOK REPORT: 90 Minutes in Heaven

Don Piper recalls his experience in heaven after a fatal car accident. Given up for dead, EMT’s cover Piper’s body with a tarp while they tend to other victims. For the next 90 minutes Piper experiences what he later describes as Heaven. He acknowledges seeing loved ones and friends that have passed on . He struggles to describe the peace, and beauty of the heavenly realm and the grandeur of the singing, both of which he is unable to compare to anything earthly. Returning to earth he is aware of someone praying, singing and holding his hand. What happens next defies the laws of nature and man. Paramedics unenthusiastically respond to the unknown prayer warrior’s insistence of medical help for a body which had been declared dead.
Over a period of eighteen months Piper battles depression, immobility, acute physical pain from his injuries and wonders whether his life will ever be the same. He questions why he was sent back to earth to endure such anguish and why he wasn’t allowed to remain in a place where he had never been happier.

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