Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free CDs

There's nothing like a freebie. As you know I am frugal
Remember that’s frugal, economical, thrifty. Not cheap.
There’s a difference in the two. Cheap is not giving any
thought to the item. Frugality borders on deep thinking
before purchase and the necessity of the piece.

Not long ago I went to Best Buy with a friend so that she
could purchase a computer. Since she was a first timer at
Best Buy she didn’t have one of their discount cards. If
she’d had one she would have gotten a discount on her
purchase. Being the wonderful friend that I am, I whisked
out my discount card and she received a percentage off of
her purchase.
I had no idea that I would get a credit
voucher for the percentage and could use it for or toward
merchandise in the store. I think the amount came to
around $20 and change. Not wanting the voucher to expire
I browsed the store to see what I could get for $20. Not
much I can tell you. I really think it’s a tease to make
customers use the voucher toward purchase of more items.
I poked about in the store until I came to the music CDs. Music CDs are expensive. Instead of spend the whole voucher on one CD and have to make up the difference out of pocket I chose to go by genres.
I chose 20 Best of Jazz because I enjoy jazz. I chose Piano Favorites because I assumed the selections would be calming. I chose Blues Legends because it was all I could get without having to pay extra money. Besides these could be used as impromptu gifts.
I opened the jazz CD first. I’m familiar with all of the artists but, all except one, George Benson were before my time. There’s Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Art Tatum and others. I consider these artists the masters. I’m enjoying this CD.
BTW I’ve never heard the one by George Benson. The title is I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over. I guess he’s fond of the word “masquerade” because the song he has that I am familiar with has the word masquerade in it.
The thing about all of these CDs is that the song titles aren’t on the CD, just on the case. OH MY! Could Best Buy be selling bootleg CDs?
Piano Favorites lists the songs on the back cover CD. Among them are Lady in Red, Save the Best for Last, I Will Always Love You, Wind Beneath My Wings. This one has two CDs with a total of 25 songs. The pianist is listed in very small print on the back. His name is Steve Quinzi. Since his name is written so small does he not want anyone to know that he’s done this CD? Also, are those his hands on the cover or are those “stand-in hands?”

Blues Legends includes Mississippi Fred, Big Maybelle, Memphis Slim, B.B. King and others. I love their names. They do get your attention. Check out the pianist on the blues cover. How can a body play piano with all that jewelry?
None of these songs are on my playlist below


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