Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Burlap On Stage

Burlap is back.
I got my inspiration from
Poppy Kosh
Manila Extract
and                           here

 I printed my own burlap coffee bag look by pulling up a graphic on the computer and printing it onto burlap. It's important to make sure all of the edges are taped down to avoid the ravels from the burlap yucking up the printer.
When was the last time you saw thread for 59cents? I took a chance using it.  By the way, it was a new spool that had never been opened. I thought it might be rotten after having it for so long but  it worked out fine.

I ironed interfacing to the backs of all pieces
to give it some body.

I fused lace onto the two pockets so that they'd be easily seen inside the purse. I sewed one pocket on the front and back inside.

This is the part I was reluctant about.  I've only set grommets once and it was so long ago, I needed a refresher so I contacted YouTube. I don't know what I'd do without it. As stated before, no fabric stores so I got the grommets from Harbor Freight.     

Decided to make a purse charm
Also, I made a slide to go on the bag closing.
Ta Da ! All done.

Overall, This project was more trouble than it was worth. But, it was also a great learning experience.


  1. Wonderful from beginning to end! Love how soft and drapey it turned out.

  2. Thank you Dawn of La Touchables. It was fun to make.