Saturday, September 3, 2016

Seeing and Being Can Be Different

Things don't always turn out the way you want.

Take for instance this lovely crochet doily that was given to me by my friend CM.  She and her husband came across a stack of these that had been stored away. They'd belonged to her husband's grandmother.She'd donated numerous ones but saved this one for me in the event I could use it for a crafting project. I'm unsure if this is hand made or machine made. Either way it's pretty and I wanted to make something special from it.

Having been on a purse binge I decided to make another wristlet. If you remember, I like those.


I don't have artistic skills but I sketched out a few ideas as to how I could turn this doily into a wristlet.

I had this fabric remnant on hand.

I'd seen a unique leather and doily crossbody bag on Pinterest  
  and thought I'd try something similar.

  Needless to say, you can't always run with the big dogs. I could tell I'd come to a problem when I began trying to decide how things would "lay" after I put it together. I wanted boxed corners and that wouldn't work with those crocheted pieces . I also didn't want the crocheted part to be the bottom. Overall, I tried to change things differently from how I'd first imagined.

Before I throw it away, I'll put it away, date it and if I haven't thought of anything in 6 months, out it goes.
That's it ???
P.S. I couldn't wait six months. Find out what happens @ Seeing and Being...The Finale

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