Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Seeing and Being ...The Finale

 update of    Seeing and Being Can Be Different
Soooo, I couldn't wait six months. The brown bag kept staring me in the face every time I opened the closet.
I decided to try to see how far I could go before I knew it was a total failure.

Decided I'd add a flap to fold it over and close by buttoning with some huge white buttons I'd found at the dollar store years ago. 
DILEMMA: Should I line the flap with pleather or the lining fabric I'd chosen?

For the lining, I chose this sheer, raveling, animal print fabric which was in my stash. It was totally inappropriate but since I was on the highway to disaster I continued on. 

Sewing the lining to the purse.

Sewing the sides together careful to not sew the closing flap. 

                                                                                                      Sewing the bottom of the lining closed. 
About to turn  the lining inside out and top stitch.

AT THIS POINT... actually long before I got here, I knew this project had flat lined.
The top stitching resulted in puckering and crooked stitches.

I threw it in the garbage
     and while I was at it,
I threw away the animal print also. There's nothing I can use it for.

*******On to the next project********
It's burlap.


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