Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Neighborhood Farmers Markets

I tip my hat to East Lake United Methodist Church. They gave me my first chance at being a vendor for my crafted goods.

But not only that, it has stayed in a changing neighborhood when many others would have sold or abandoned the church. Their motto being, In the Neighborhood for Good.I spoke with one of the members who was wearing a shirt with this very motto on the pocket.

There aren't nearly as many vendors as there once were. Some of that can be attributed to the numerous pop up farmers markets that are in various communities now. At the time I was a vendor there were few fresh vegetable markets in the area  that offered fresh food at reasonable prices.
This is a very large church building with a very small congregation. They also have a 2nd hand store inside and they sell hot lunches everyday. They seem to get a large crowd for the lunches.

The church is beautiful inside and I'm sure it is expensive to maintain such a large structure. But, they've been holding on.

One of the members told me that the bell tower doesn't hold a bell and never did. The bell tower is now a cell tower rented to Verizon. Like he said, "you've got to pay the bills."

P.S. You may have noticed that the text is larger. It seemed to small and not dark enough in my last posts.

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