Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Seasonal decorative hanging pillows

I've done the decorative hanging  pillows before. I once had them in my now defunct Etsy shop.They can be hung on a knob, bed post, anywhere.
Having an inspirational or humorous reminder here and there can sometimes get me through the day.

I'm doing these for a charity that asked its volunteers to donate handmade items to go in their booth at the Christmas Village exhibit held here each year.

This also gives me the chance to use the fabric remnants I have that are to large to discard yet too small for larger projects.  Each of these pillows is about 8" x 8" (inches)
Off white broadcloth, gloves, water foam brush,  laser printed graphics mirror image, Mod Podge transfer medium. NOTE: The images must be mirrored and laser printed. Otherwise your text will be backwards. Non laser print and the colors will bleed.

I applied the transfer medium to the laser printed graphic, then turned it face down on the fabric and smoothed out any lumps. Though the medium  washes off with soap and water, I prefer not to have to scrub so I wear gloves. The hard part is waiting 24 hours for the process to dry and cure. If you remove it before that time your colors won't be as vivid.

These are the fabrics I plan to use. The back of each pillow will have a fabric that coordinates with the front. Not shown is the fiberfill used to stuff the pillows.
I used warm water in a spray bottle, spraying the square and wiping the paper from middle to edges. That's the discarded paper you see on the sides. NOTE:  I have found that it is better to use a clean soft cloth to wipe away the paper, using a clean section of cloth each time you go to a different area. Otherwise when you piece is dry it'll still look as if it needs to be wiped more.

The finished product
I did eight in all , two of each. No two are exactly alike.               

"I'll be as naughty as I want. I have my own credit cards."

"Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day."
"Many people look forward to the New Year to renew old habits."

Making charms for pillows.
"Many people look forward to the New Year to renew old habits."

"Love the giver more than the gift."

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