Monday, February 20, 2012

Cell Phone Pouch

Since I have a lot of scrap fabric, I was trying to determine what could I do with it. I don't like throwing anything away if it looks like it even has just a little bit of hope.

You'll remember from a previous post that I'd gotten a new phone and had dropped it and cracked the screen. After that I would put it inside a sock and keep it in my purse. Well, pulling a cell from a sock can look pretty darn country. You may ask why I didn't buy a case for the phone? If you'll remember, I am cheap frugal.
For my first attempt I tried to get sassy and use real suede (I cut it from a jacket I bought at the Thrift store  for the purpose of making a wristlet).  When I got ready to sew, the machine needle wouldn't go throught it. Instead of  fight with it, I tossed it.
Attempt # 2 involved scraps from a brown woolen embossed with silver and black swirly stitching. I'd bought the fabric for a jacket*. I decided that the strap was too thick as well as the fabric. I'd double layered it to give it some cushion in case I dropped the phone.  Just in case you haven't noticed I'm not using a pattern so what should I expect? I'm the type of person who swings by the seat of her panties pants with a lot of things.
I'm not sure what kind of animal this is but it serves the purpose.

* The jacket I was working on with the scraps from attempt #2.

As you can see, I do a lot of FAILS.
If at first, second or third, you don't succeed, QUIT trying!