Monday, February 13, 2012

WHAT'S FOR DINNER? Raccoon, Bear, Porcupine. Opossum

I'M GIVING YOU FAIR WARNING. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, PETA or any other animal rights person, don't read this. From my Pear Crisp post I told you about a cook book  I have that gives  the preparation and recipes for all kinds of foods. Among them being; buffalo,raccoon, porcupine, opossum and others.Just to prove what I said, I've scanned the cook book pages with said recipes as well as others. 
Click to enlarge the page below so that you can read the preparation techniques for game meats.

I think I know now where the phrase "hungry as a bear," came from. It may have originally been, "hungry for a bear."

No doubt Granny Clampett from the 60's sit-com, The Beverly Hillbillies has a prized recipe for Opossum, affectionately called 'possum. 


The dressing for porcupine is above. After such a hearty meal maybe the quills can be used to pick the meat from your teeth.

I've never had any of these exotic meats and don't have a desire to try them. Cultures have their own foods, beliefs and traditions. Some American foods are strictly forbidden in other cultures. Some of the foods eaten in other countries, Americans turn their nose up to.  By keeping an open mind people learn about each other and how to live together.

That's It ***(BTW there's a recipe for rabbit up top)