Friday, February 3, 2012

Wacky Mac

Needed some comfort food and so mac & cheese was the answer.  I had these colorful spirals left from making pasta salad a while back.
I cooked the pasta according to the directions.

This recipe was in a previous post under "Loose Ends."

Maybe I should call it wheat sauce since I used whole wheat flour.

This is the good part. Two cups of cheese. Mix well to make a creamy cheese sauce.
Add the cooked pasta to the cheese sauce and gently mix.

Spray a casserole dish with nonstick spray. Add the pasta cheese mix.

The other good part, adding the bread crumbs.
Sprinkle bread crumbs on top of the pasta mixture.
 Bake about 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

The dots on the crust are from the pats of margarine. I should have melted  and  drizzled the margarine before placing it on top
It was still very good and hit the spot. BTW, I didn't eat the whole casserole. I divided it into servings, placed in Press  and  Seal   and put it in the freezer.