Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Now that I no longer work outside of the home, I thought I'd look into volunteer work.   There is no end to the number of organizations advertising for volunteers. This call to help can be found on their websites and personal solicitations when visiting that organizations event(s). Most often these are public service organizations that depend on  donations and limited to no government or federal funds. Most of their staff is underpaid and overworked. They are usually people who enjoy the work they do because the salary certainly  isn't what's driving them to stay.

Like these underpaid workers, if I'm going to volunteer, I would prefer it be with something I want to do.   Otherwise why do it. ?  It would be more of a chore instead of a  charm.

This is the story of organizations A,B,C,D
Without being specific I will say that the following were in the areas of social work, arts, museums

A few years ago I contacted organization  A . It advertised that it needed volunteers.  It was something I enjoy and so I felt I'd be a good fit. Time passed and I didn't hear from organization A.  I went down in person and told the person in charge that I'd applied to volunteer but had not been contacted. My name was no where in their files and I'd applied in person. The person in charge had a lackey take my name and number and said I'd be called.  I never heard from them. I was dressed in business casual since I felt that this was the type of dress practical for the organization. My demeanor was never overbearing or threatening.  I didn't try again.

Organization B placed on its website its need for volunteers to catalog inventory. I filled out the online application, downloaded and mailed it to them. Weeks passed and I heard nothing. Maybe  my application was lost in the mail.  In my most pleasant voice I phoned , told my name and asked if they'd received my application because I hadn't heard anything. The person told me that his secretary was out  to lunch but took my name and number and said he'd check with her when she returned and that they'd give me a call.  That was two months ago. I guess she's still out to lunch.

Organization C  had a booth at a community fair. After listening to the spiel and asking a few questions, I was asked by the representative if I'd be interested in volunteering.  It was something I wanted to know more about and how better to learn than to become a volunteer. The rep was delighted when I said yes.  She took my name, number, and e-mail address.   It's been about six weeks and all I hear are crickets.

You may ask, "why didn't you call them back?"
These organizations asked for VOLUNTEERS not PAID personnel.  I shouldn't and will not be appealing to them to allow me to be a part of their world....for free!!!

 If there is nothing available at this time, either,
a. Contact the potential volunteer and state that you appreciate their interest but nothing is available at this time and that you'll keep their application on fill for X amount of time.
b. Take down the request from your website, fliers, etc.

Have the decency to acknowlege the applicant.

Since A,B,and C, I have  contacted organization D.  I knew my qualifications were above and beyond what they asked for. They were prompt in contacting me, I went in for an interview as well as a background check and etc. I begin next week.

I'll let you know how it turns out.