Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newspaper Rolls for Pets

I try to recycle as much as possible.  I came across a way to usefully recycle my home newspaper and help an animal in the process along with the people who care for them. When an animal comes into the Greater Birmingham Humane Society  a cage is prepared for it using old newspapers which I'm sure makes for  faster bed making and  more efficient clean up.  Preparation takes time.  Having the necessary items ready to go is helpful.

Making Newspaper Rolls for Pets

I also have some documents I have been shredding and plan to take the shredded paper over also. 
I've made sure there are no staples before shredding. That could harm the animal and my shredder.

I keep my papers that are to be recycled in a recyclable shopping bag.  There's a Catholic Church about 3 miles down from where I live that has a newspaper recycling bin. The plastic covers you see on these papers will be removed before I toss the papers. I recycle whenever the bags begins to get heavy and I will be traveling the way of the recycle bin.  I don't make special trips for this .

According to the video, the slick colored papers should be removed.  I'm assuming that they don't absorb as well.

Open the pages of the newspaper and layer them until they are about  1/2" to 1" thick. Roll the papers from the end and tie with string or use a rubber band.   

Here's one of my finished rolls tied with tee shirt string.I have plenty of this tee shirt string from making tee shirt scarves.

Finished newspaper rolls
When I finish shredding the documents I'll take the bedding along with the newspaper rolls (I'll probably have even more by that time) over to the GBHS.