Monday, November 21, 2011


Thanksgiving takes place this week. How about a turducken?

I saw it in the grocery ads listed  along with other meats.
Maybe you've heard of it but I haven't.  I had to find out what it was. The name sounded like something from that Betty White's Golden Girls character, Rose  would say was served in St. Olaf .

Turns out that this is a trio of turkey-duck-hen melded together roasted and sliced.  The de-boned hen is placed inside the cavity of the de-boned duck which is placed inside the cavity of a de-boned turkey.The diner gets a taste of all three meats at once. I've been told that it is a delicacy and very delicious.

First of all it has got to be a LOT of work. And, how long does something like that cook?
From what I've read it is popular in Louisiana and other places.  It can contain as many meats as wanted

The story is told of one gastronomist who in  1807 made one of these concoctions with 17 birds.

There are variations such as:
TurBaconEpic=roasted pig+bacon+duck+chicken+cornish game hen+quail+Dr. Pepper

Carved Turducken. I'm sure Julia Child would love it.

I think I'll pass on this delicacy