Monday, December 10, 2012


It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I saw this necklace at a site that I don't remember (I must get better at writing it down to give the proper people credit) and felt that I could create something similar.

Using two pieces of cardboard which can be gotten for free pretty much anywhere, I glued them together using regular school glue. Make sure the glue is spread over the entire piece of cardboard. I wanted firmness but not heaviness around my neck. Cereal box and shirt board cardboard work well.

 I used the paper clips to hold the two pieces in place and then stuck it in the oven on 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you don't burn your fingers on the paper clips when you remove it from the oven. It would be best to use a pot holder and allow the clips to cool before removing them. 

Using acrylic paints in chartreuse,cobalt,purple,burnt orange and a little bit of brown I painted the cardboard in the colored tiers as in the photo. Imitating what was in the original necklace I used a comb dipped in brown to get the striated lines in the chartreuse. I used an opened paper clip to pull the wet burnt orange drops to create the splotches in the blue The same was done to the layer of purple and then sponged a little bit. I then placed it back in the 200 degree oven to dry for ten minutes. I repeated this same method on the opposite side in the same manner so that the colors would be the same on both sides when cut out. I brushed a matte coat of decoupage glaze on both sides.

I'd forgotten about the crude hearts on the smaller discs of the necklace so I took another piece of cardboard  prepping it the same as the tri-colored piece and painted it metallic sage green. After it came from the oven it had this beautiful blistered paint. I really like this  texture and will use it in future projects.
THE PROBLEM came in when I got ready to cut out the discs. I had planned to use my circular craft puncher but the cardboard was too thick so I resorted to cutting 1 1/2 in. squares of the tri-colored cardboard.

The metallic I cut into 1" squares.
I used my drill to make the holes for the jump rings. I might add here that I made my own jump rings from beading wire using the tutorial by Hectanooga1 

My version of the disc necklace

The original designers necklace.

I'd bought a roll of chain at Hobby Lobby some time ago. I used a length of it to attach the jump rings and squares. This was my first attempt attaching jump rings onto a chain. I also made the closure for the necklace. I'll admit I didn't have the right tool for this part and will have to practice a bit more. I'll also make the necklace a little shorter removing some of the links. Overall I am very pleased.

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  1. Your creativity and attention to detail amaze me! I still love the items you've made for me. In fact, it's that time of year when I pull out the singing frog hanging!