Sunday, December 2, 2012


I was asked to do a Tablescape at the local library for their annual seasonal Open House. I've never done a tablescape before but since I've been trying a lot of new things I decided to add this to the list. I let it be known that I would not be making purchases for the tablescape but that I'd be using what I had at home, found objects and crafted items. It would be a shabby chic tablescape. I looked through a few sites on the web to get ideas and decided on a New Year's theme. I assumed that there would be a number of tables with a Christmas theme.

Dress rehearsal for table. Making sure I have everything before I pack it.
 Included in my tablescape were:
*3 table coverings-turquoise sheet, bottom, white lace tablecloth top, powder blue damask overlay
*painted white magnolia leaves
*2 cerulean blue vases from the 1950's belonged to Mom
*flatware with the initial "S"-over 20 years old bought from Fingerhut
*square plates-from over 20 years ago bought at a knockoff store
*Napkins made from home decor  fabric- The only purchase @ $14.98 a yd. (It was an impulse buy)
 *turquoise and gray organza ribbon
*blue stemmed glasses
*large canning jars
*old watches- thrift store purchase already in my stash
*Old books painted with glitter paint
*Riesling wine bottle relabeled to imitate champagne
*glass flat beads
*old keys painted blue
*Paper clock cut outs
*A computer

1.The title on the spine reads, In a Darker Time. It was painted with turquoise glitter paint. A computer generated 2012 is on the cover. 2.Menu 3.Wine bottle turned champagne bottle 4.  napkins

Father Time and Baby New Year were a last minute thought.
Father Time is made from a paper towel roll covered in silver fabric. If you enlarge the photo you'll see he has a watch across his left arm. The hair is a cotton ball, The scythe is a drinking straw covered with foil. The head is a wooden bead covered in blue chiffon. Baby New Year is made from silver fabric. His top hat is a toilet tissue roll cut to size and painted. His diaper is off the sleeve of an old tee shirt.

The finished table before being viewed by the public
 Here's what was on the southern style faux menu

Black-eyed peas slow cooked in a seasoned bouquet

Freshly picked collards with a hint of banana peppers prepared in a cast iron pot

Alabama raised free range golden crusted fried chicken

Tender, grilled barbecue ribs dipped in brown sugar barbecue sauce

Savory buttermilk and garlic cornbread

Deep dish sweet potato pie topped with homemade whipped cream and southern pecans

Old-fashioned banana pudding made with vanilla wafers crowned with a toasted meringue

Sweetened iced tea with lemon and mint

Louisiana style coffee and chicory


This is a close up of one of the place settings.
The canning jars are for the iced tea. It is adorned with two magnolia leaves that have been painted white which have New Years wishes on them. The stemmed glass is decorated with a blue key that has either, "faith, hope or charity" written on it. The iridescent napkin holds the menu and is tied with a gray organdy ribbon with blue baubles tied on the ends.

Close the book on the past. Open the book to the future.

Update: 12-02-2012, 6:46 pm.
I have returned from the library. Third place received a colorful live potted ponsettia. Second place received a trio of gift wrapped chocolates in beautiful boxes. First place was awarded a $25 Walmart gift card.


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