Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Not in the criminal way. That was just to get your attention.

My favorite aunt collected mugs. She had so many that she had shelves built close to the ceiling around her kitchen so that she could display them. I remember asking her once how many she had. If I remember correctly, the amount was around 300. She could tell you a story of how each one came into her possession.

I don’t have anywhere near that. I too can tell you how each one came to be in my care.
When I bought my first computer at the Gateway store, I was given a gift that included a ball point pen, a small spongy cow, notepad and a coffee mug. All of it had the Gateway cow logo on it. The cow was a good source to squeeze for stress relief.

I was a testing monitor with a first grade teacher once and she gave me this mug. It came in a box listed as mug and mat. It had a square of linen cloth with the same flower design as the mug. It took the place of a saucer.

On a one day trip to Alabama Shakespeare Festival with the Palm Wine Society, each tourist was given a mug along with some other souvenirs by the PWS sponsors. This was the trip where one of my favorite authors, Pearl Cleage was live and in person. You can read about it here.

DH would have cup of coffee before leaving for work. This was his cup.

Mrs. C. gave me this mug when DH died. I find myself using it when I’m feeling
down. The poem surrounding it is comforting

Last year’s vacation to Seattle, Washington I purchased this mug.

Seattle=Coffee. It’s a given.

Actually I purchased two. I gave one away as a gift. Since this post I have broken this cup  11-18-2012

This mug was from a student as a Christmas gift. The picture on the inside was unique.
It has thick walls and it seems to make whatever is inside taste better and hold the heat.

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  1. Thats a nice collection of mugs. As a collector of mugs, do you include any type of mug... what about soup mugs.