Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PAINT THE TOWN RED is an annual fundraiser for the American Red Cross.
This quote from their website:

"For one night in April… the blank brick walls
and window fronts of 2nd Avenue North in Birmingham’s Loft District will be
transformed into canvases for stunning digitally created art: graphic art,
digital photography and digital animated shorts… all projected.

In it’s third
year, Paint the Town Red is an innovative fundraiser for the Birmingham
Chapter of the American Red Cross. It combines stunning visuals, eclectic live
music and great street food. Vote for your favorite entries, introduce kids to
the future of creativity and indulge your eyes in a visual feast April 16, 2011
from 6pm to 11pm."

Once it becomes dark, visuals are projected on the ceiling of the dome. This is similar to what is done at a planetarium.

While waiting for night to fall rock music was played and visitors danced inside. Young and old.

Joe Minter, folk artist chatting with a fan. His works are made from recycled and found items.

You can see more of his work here.
Ginger at
is a big fan of his and the link to the pictures were taken by her. She also has a great blogsite.


Found objects placed on stands. Once night fell a projection of images were displayed on it

Three spherical screens similar to umbrellas projected one movie. I thought this was interesting.

This is some of the digital wall art. On this one it showed the underside of different cars slowly crawling across the screen/wall.

There was a picture but it looks as if this company is more interested in advertising.
Vendor and artist. Paintings on plywood.

The found pieces of wood appear to depict skyscrapers in the forefront of a skyline.
Belly Dancer
Lighted hula hoops being twirled.

Improvisational Dancers. I asked the name of the group and they didn't have one.
Fire twirlers

Not sure where to put them but they were so elegant I had to have a photo. They were inside the Masquerade . Not sure if this was part of the Red Cross fundraiser or another fundraiser.


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