Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleeping Tight? Not Tonight

No pictures (breaking my own rule) Just a rant.

I have one bed and that is the one I sleep in.
I had my newspaper, Crystal Light, and Wayne Brady playing. (Yes, Wayne Brady. I like his voice).
I got ready to lay down and the box springs and mattress caved in.


But only in one corner. My response, )(*&%$##%.

It's a Pulaski bedroom suite I saved up for over 25 years ago. I had seen it at Braswell Furniture. They are no longer in business. It's mahogany wood. It was called something like Dolly Madison, Lillie Langley. SOmething like that.

I ended up not buying it from Braswell's. I knew people who ran a family furniture store. They're out of business too. They ordered it for me directly from the factory and I paid a considerable amount less.

I enjoy sitting in bed reading. I guess over the years it was bound to happen one day.

The ledge inside the bed rail where the mattress sits came partially loose up toward the head. I've never used slats. It didn't come with slats.

I've removed the mattress and box springs and made an attempt to screw the ledge back into the rail. The ledge won't screw in flush to the rail. The box spring still won't fit back inside.

When I was a kid, we were jumping on a bed in our basement and broke it. That is we thought we'd broken it. A couple of slats had fallen out. Our older visiting friend told us to get some bricks from outside. She propped them underneath the sagging end. When my Dad saw it we got grilled about it and then we got physically punished. Our friend was safe at home with us left to suffer.
I'm tempted to do something like this right now until I can have it repaired.

I'm not happy about having to sleep on the couch. My bedroom is my sanctuary.

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