Sunday, October 28, 2012


I surf the NET frequently to get ideas and inspiration for crafts. I came upon this clutch purse some time ago and saved it on my thumb drive on my inspiration page. (Not Pinterest) 
 Time ran out for this seasonal purse of dried rose petals and leaves on a white background..

The rose petal and leaves are probably silk.

I decided I'd do a fall clutch purse. I had the fabric in my stash of "projects never finished but won't throw it away." It's a piece of patterned orange linen. Perfect color for fall. I bought two bags of fabric table scatter leaves from the dollar store. 

orange patterned linen,roll of Stitch Witchery, silkish leaves from the Dollar Store

Each bag of leaves has 50 pieces

The leaves were in olive green, yellow and red/orange.

I'm aware that using linen is out of season but since most of it will be
 covered with the leaves and it IS orange I decided  to
use it.
 1.  I cut out two pieces of the orange fabric so that I could line the purse.

2. I put the lining to the side and worked with just the part that would have the leaves.
3. I couldn't decide if I wanted to glue on the leaves with OK To Wash It glue or use Stitch Witchery.
4. I decided on Stitch Witchery.
5. I cut a strip of Stitch Witchery and laid the leaves randomly across the strip. Using a paper bag as a pressing cloth I pressed the leaves onto the strip

It was not my intention to adhere the entire surface of the leaves to the fabric. I wanted it free in areas to add to the look and texture.

6. I sewed wrong sides together of the appliqued fabric and the lining, leaving a small open area to turn it inside out .
7. I folded the strip of decorated fabric in the form of a clutch purse  sewing the finished wrong sides together and boxing it at the bottom.
8. I sewed on a square of velcro also adding a button and elasticized loops on the ends for extra closure security.

The clutch purse opened

The clutch purse closed. You probably can't see it but I did
 sew the grid of stitches across the leaves as in the
inspirational purse at the top

*The leaves will be raveling because they didn't have finished edges which will make for a short life for this purse.
*Those leaves that were in the bends and folds of the purse with loose edges, I did use fabric glue to secure.
*I will probably add a strap to hang it on my wrist.
* I failed to mention that I tried to stiffen it some by ironing on interfacing to the lining before putting it all together. I thought about using cardboard but if it got wet that could be disastrous.
*There is a pocket inside. I didn't bother to post the picture because it didn't show up well.
* Lastly, I have got to learn to take better pictures.



  1. Cute clutch and inspired. I have had clutches on my list of items to make and moving it up on the list.