Monday, November 12, 2012

Key Necklaces

It seems jewelry made from old keys is hot right now. As with most things some of it can be pricey. And as with most things I like, if I think I can do it then I try it. I've really gotten into the crafting craze. I need more space but I'll deal with what I have and call it cozy. I won't show you how junky it is though I did take pics but didn't upload them and I'm not about to do it now.
Below are 5 of the necklaces I made to display and sell at a craft show this past weekend.

REDdy or Not: Slender satin ribbon holds a red glitter painted key outfitted with faux jewels. Baubles on twisted red wire round it out.

Twisted wire on brass door key. Bronze accent jewel. Bronze silk ribbon

Brass key gone green. Stretch gold cord, green bauble, vintage 1950's earring

1976 Toyota Corolla key in its former life. Silk ribbon, vintage earring, faux baubles and pearls+

Blue key necklace, silk ribbon, faux jewels,blue wire

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