Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There are numerous chapters of the Red Hat Society.  You can read all about it at the link I've provided. The goal of the society is for women over the age of 50 to take time for themselves after looking after others and to have fun.Women under the age of 50 are called Pink Hatters. Various chapters will attend and support events sponsored by other chapters. Above is a collage from a luncheon sponsored by The Jazzy Jewels.

1.Red Hatters are allowed to reverse their colors on  their chapter's aniversary and founder's anniversary. That is why these ladies are dressed in red with purple hats. A member may also reverse her colors if it is her birthday month. 
2. Centerpieces were beautiful and elaborate, By the time I decided to take pictures many had been collected from the tables. The center photo gives you an idea of what they looked like.
3. The Jazzy Jewels prepare to sing and dance for the audience. Audience participation is encouraged.

I like to step out of the box when I can so instead of a traditional hat I chose to make a Fascinator in the shape of a tea cup and saucer complete with dainty napkin (a paper doily) and spoon. Protuding from the top of the tea cup is a credit card (fake) because shopping is the official sport of  the Red  Hatters. I was allowed to were a purple hat because it was my birthday month.

Part of the program included  the recitation of Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. The performer was full of expression as she  presented this extraordinary ode.

Everyone was given a goody bag when they arrived. Above is what was inside the bag.  Door prizes were awarded  and I received the purple water bottle you see on the left.

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