Friday, March 9, 2012

Spying the March 5th issue of Woman's World in the check out line I bought a copy.  Another just- for- one recipe was inside.   I did Chocolate Cake in a Mug in 2010. It turned out to be delicious.
The ingredients for the apple pie called for red hots, apple,graham crackers, cinnamon, whipped cream. The recipe is below. Click the picture to enlarge.

I gathered the crew with some exceptions as I always do. I bought honey grahams instead of cinnamon grahams, not because they're my favorites but because I didn't make an ingredient list before going to the grocer. Instead of Reddi Whip I had store brand whipped topping so I used that. 

This picture taken in my mock up home made light box

I peeled and  cubed the apple then put it into the cup. At first I thought I'd have to use 2 cups but as it cooked the juice caused the fruit  torelease its juices. . But I'm getting ahead of myself.
 I placed a sufficient amount of the cinnamon candies on top of the apples and placed it in the microwave for the instructed 2 minutes. After that time I took the mug out and stirred the contents. That's when I noticed that the apples had cooked down to about half of the original amount.

I also noticed that the juice had boiled over from the mug.
Deciding to live dangerously, I stirred in  more cinnamon candies . Placing the mug back into the microwave, I allowed it to cook 2 more minutes.  I had to wait a while before adding the graham crackers and whipped topping because the mug was so hot.

Here is the final product. It tasted good  but losing so much of the juice made it a little dry. Next time I'll micro for 1 minute instead of the 2 minutes and I'll watch it.

BTW I've been toying with photography. I want to get a light box to make better pictures. In the picture of the crew I used my home made light box. The remaining pictures were taken outside of the light box.