Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Tea

Located on the southside of Birmingham, Sweet Tea was spotlighted in the weekly weekend circular as one of the  newer restaurants to check out.  They are a new meat and three , something that isn't prevalent on the southside.
 In the background over the steam table is a beautiful mural of Birmingham landmarks . It is not to scale but is colorful and eyecatching.

From what I've read this restaurant has a line during lunch time so a waiting room would probably be a good thing 

This picture of Quinlan castle would be interesting to people not from Birmingham. Quinlan Castle has been much of a mystery. It was at one time an apartment building which later fell into disrepair and neglect, housing squatters . I was eventually bought by Southern Research which is on the corner next to it.

There is a monitor at the beginning of this this cafeteria styled restaurant that denotes food prices . (Click the photo to enlarge it.)  The prices are not cheap. A meat and one is $7.45. That doesn't include the beverage. To get the cliched meat and three would cost close to $10.00.

Sweet Tea advertises standard daily features. Lunch is from 10:30 am-2:30 pm.
 I arrived around 1:30 with my mouth set for the  baked/grilled fish. They had run out.  They'd also run out of the sides I wanted.  I ended up getting chicken fried steak and collard greens. People who know me well, know that I am NOT a brown gravy fan. I had the server place the gravy on the side because whether I got it or not I was paying for it.  The greens were fresh and not the canned or frozen type.  

The sweet tea from which the restaurant gets it's name and professes to be sweetened with brown  and white sugar was a disappointment.  My tea was NOT sweet. I tasted no brown sugar. I didn't get a sugar high as I had expected.
The restaurant was clean. The staff was friendly, cordial and accommodating.
The food was not  what I had expected. It was very disappointing.  My neice and a friend went that following Sunday and she too was not impressed. Apparently we aren't the only ones. A review at the Urban Spoon site has reviews  done by patrons of the restaurant.  It's listed as "Southern/Soul, Greek, American"
Maybe they need to stick with one culture and do it well.
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