Monday, October 31, 2011

Oak Hill Cemetery Tour

Oak Hill is the oldest cemetery in Birmingham where many of its pioneers and developers are buried.
I didn't attend the parade at 8am in 39 degree weather. I opted to do the tour at 12 noon after it was warm and sunny.

Actors dressed in period costumes stood by the gravesite of the person they were representing and told that person's history.
I enjoyed the tour and it is a great experience for history buffs. Above is Hattie Hudson.

Emma Hawes tells the story of how her husband killed she and her two daughters and then had the audacity to take on a new wife.
Another character whose name I don't remember . 

A character from the Jordan family

Louise Wooster well known madam of the late 1800's

James Withers Sloss
Sloss Furnace was instrumental in making Birmingham, Alabama a steel city.

Recent burial of Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Civil Rights icon

Oak Hill  assistants dressed in period costumes.

John  T. Milner's  obelisk shaped monument

The inside on one of the mausoleums photographed through it's bars.