Friday, July 1, 2011

Going Green

I said I wasn’t going to but I had to see something green and growing. Something green and moldy wouldn’t do. I took out my pots and planted herbs and an experimental potato.

The sage was planted before all of the rest. Apparently there’s something I’m not doing that’s causing this dwarfed growth.

This same rosemary plant has been with me for almost three years. It winters over very well.

I chose to try lavender this year. There was a recipe for lavender lemonade. There have to be blossoms to steep before it can be made into lemonade. As you can see, I have no blossoms.

What I do have is a bounty of mint. I’m not that fond of it but I like seeing it grow. Now what do I do with it? This plant flourishes and needs to be contained or else it will take over like kudzu.

I pulled one of the eyes, no larger than an M&M, off of a potato I had and planted it. I guess I’ll see what happens by September.

Basil is once again plentiful. Here you see it after I made the big chop. This is another plant that multiplies like crazy.
I’d seasoned baked chicken in foil with a large quantity of basil once. The chicken was good but so was the basil. The chicken juices had flavored it so well, I ate cooked basil as my green veggie. Maybe someone has already done this but, I decided that when I next had an abundance of basil I would cook it like spinach and see how it tasted. That day was today.

Cooked BasilIngredients:* Approximately 3 ½ cups washed basil leaves (Yields about one cup cooked greens )
* ¾ cup water
* 1 chicken or vegetable flavored bouillion cube
I had photos for 2,3,4 but blogger keeps %&(*_) up my upload.
1. Pick leaves off of stems. Discard blossoms and stems. (blossoms  are bitter)2.Wash the leaves in cool water and drain.
3. Place the leaves in a cooking utensil. Add one bouillion cube and 3/4 cup of water.
4. Cook at a medium heat until the leaves are tender the consistency of cooked spinach.
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