Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging Blitz #6 & One more day to go

Finally, an aha moment. I don't blog everyday because there isn't anything I want to share EVERYDAY! After the Blogging Blitz, I will go back to blogging at will.

Who says I have to live up to the expectations of others?
Who says I must measure up to other bloggers?

I don't need to have a Shelfari! (Although I'd like to)
I don't need a clock! (Although I'd like to)
I don't need a slideshow! (Although I'd like to)
I don't need music!

Okay! Enough with the pontificating!

Since I saddled myself with this Blogging Blitz, I'm determined to see it through.

I had a Granny Smith apple in the fridge and didn't want it to go bad so I made myself an apple betty. I used croutons for the bread crumbs and butter flavored Crisco for the butter. (No way was I going to the market).
BTW, did I tell you I detest grocery shopping?

The thing I did today that took up most of my time but was the most gratifying was cleaning out the garage. I didn't really throw much away but I did use my shop vac to vacuum the floor and walls. The shop vac is a wonderful invention.

It was fun sucking up those skinny-legged spiders as they tried to escape.
And for you PETA people who think that's cruel, if you don't contribute at this address you are dispensable.

I felt that I had made a huge accomplishment because this was something that kept being pushed to the back burner.

While I was out there I did some industrial strength gluing.
When I tried to do my Detroit post and Blogger kept PMSing, I didn't get to tell you that my luggage was lost. By the time I got it back the little thingy that allows the rolling luggage to stand at attention was broken. So I have glued that back in place. It may or may not hold up. If not I'll just lean it somewhere.

I also glued some cracks in the carpet shampooer that the family shares. I had too much in my arms one day, dropped the contents onto the shampooer causing it to hit the concrete floor in the garage. It's an Electrolux made of a hard plastic and is about 20 years old.

I don't need my day to get any more excited than this. Yet, I'm proud of myself for accomplishing even this.

So one more day of blitzing and then I'll be back to my same old habits.

That's IT***

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