Friday, November 13, 2009

Things That Work My Nerves

 1. Christmas. Too commercial. Too expensive. Stressful. People who haven't been nice all year get all chummy. Too fake. I'm usually glad when it's over.
 2. Drivers who tailgate . There's hardly any traffic and plenty of space for them to go around me if I'm going too slow.

 3. People with missing teeth who insist on talking with food in their mouths. WARNING: Cover yourself because the food is going to fly in all directions.
 4. People who get into an elevator before the occupants can get out.

4. People who forward chain e-mails. Among these:

*Free O'Charley's dessert. and in tiny print I have to buy a dinner first.
*Forward an e-mail to help breast cancer. How is this helping fight breast cancer?
*Get a free laptop or a free I-Pod. All you really want is my e-mail address so that you can clog it with spam.
*Make $2000 a week if you forward this e-mail. How is this possible???????
* Forward an e-mail about a missing child who really doesn't exist. How can forwarding an e-mail help find her? I saw this same e-mail four years ago.
* Look underneath my car for thugs who may carjack me. That's got to be a mighty thin criminal to fit underneath my car.
**Don't take flyers off of my windshield because a criminal is hiding behind my car waiting to attack me. For more >>>>>ridiculous chain e-mails .

5. People who forward e-mail with every body's name on it. Great way for my computer to get a virus and more spam than I can imagine. Not to mention people who have my e-mail address that I don't want to have my e-mail address.
6. The constant beep of someone texting in a tranquil setting: Doctor's office, library, funeral, spa.
7. People who look me up and down to see if I am wearing what they consider fashionable or designer

8. Stuck at a table with people I don't know who ask me my name first and then, "What kind of work do you do?" Translation: Do you measure up to our standards? Are you worthy to share the air we breathe?

You already know how I feel about cell phones. This past weekend I saw a toddler run out into the street at a shopping outlet. Had it not been for two older ladies dashing out to retrieve the child, he might have been hit by a car.

His guardian had her back turned talking on her cell phone. When she heard the commotion, she turned around and screamed a frantic, "Niko!"

I think I would have dropped my phone overcome by the thoughts of what could have happened. She didn't!

The child began to cry as another man who was with them began to try to calm the child by saying, "Stop crying, your mama just went to the restroom.". This child had been entrusted to this irresponsible woman. She never let go of her phone. It was as if it had been riveted to her hand.
Bad cell phone etiquette in general!!!!!
What works your nerve(s)?


  1. If I started a list of things that get on my nerves it would be forever