Friday, November 27, 2009

Bass House 2

These are additional l photos from the Bass House in Leeds, Alabama.

This is one of the better pictures of the parlor.

Native American Artifacts
These are arrowheads found on the Bass property and other places.
A plaque to Marie West Cromer, a white woman who was a positive activist for Native Americans.
The "chungke" stone was an oval stone similar to a discus that Native Americans used along with a spear in the game of chungke. The sporting events were played all day and in all types of weather. The stone was kept in a safe place and passed from generation to generation until it was completely worn out. This stone was found on the Bass property.
Not sure but, I think this is called a rim lock. It would use a skeleton key to open. To lock or unlock it from the inside the person wouls flip the latch that you see on top.
North Electric Telephone
This fixture illuminated the table inthe kitchen.
Coffee grinder. Place the beans in the top. Grind them by turning the handle. Open the drawer and remove the ground beans for coffee.

Reproduction wash board. Used for scrubbing clothes to get them clean.

Brown jug, atop a whirlpool refrigerator. The ceramic jug was probably used to store milk and lower into a spring to keep it cool. NOTE: The Bass House has incorporated the old and new in its kitchen. The kitchen appears to be a functional one.

Notice the white flour sifter on the lower left of the cupboard? It is attached to the cabinet. A large bag of flour(probably in a cotton flour sack) was placed inside the cabinet with the sack tucked down into the cylinder of the sifter and used as needed. That way the flour is stored and there's no need to lift a heavy bag of flour each time it is needed. The closest I could find to something that looks like this was a Hoosier cabinet.
Pie safe
Not sure what this copper container is but it appears it has held water judging from the patina inside.

ice box
??Where does the large block of ice go??

Outside The Bass House
This is a well that has been covered up. The family would hang a bucket from the pulley above and hoist up the water. I'm sure it has been nailed shut to avoid any inquisitive souls from opening it and falling to their imminent death down a deeeeep, dark, hole. The well was located right outside of the kitchen attached to the house. That's convenient.
A barn or shed of some type located at the back end of the property.
Back of the Bass House .

  Former basketball player Charles Barkley hails from Leeds, Alabama.
Heroic Veterans of Leeds, Alabama

This was a good day trip for me. While I have quite a few photos here, there was so much more I didn't photograph.
I am impressed with the way the museum encompasses the history of all of the people of Leeds. The museum shows the diversity of the history of Leeds, Alabama.
Museum guides are volunteers and admission is free.
Street Address: 1129 Montevallo RoadLeeds, AL 35094
Hours of Operation: The Jonathan Bass House Museum is open to visitors on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Group tours are available by appointment and can be arranged by calling 205.699.2721.
The museum is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

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