Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Color Purple-continued

When JF and I planned this outing we decided that we would surprise the ladies at the end by giving each one a gift bag. I was able to get a grand deal on these plastic bags because the store that was selling them was going out of business. One of the customers in line who had us all in stitches about her mother was kind enough to allow me to purchase the last pack of the Jesus and Oprah napkins. In case you can't read it , it says, "I don't need a shrink. I've got Jesus and Oprah."
I just had to have them. They were purple to go along with our theme. When I asked her to pass me a pack, she told me the one she had was the last one and she insisted that I take it and pay-it-forward. We put a split of wine (with the label, Harpo's Juke Joint Juice) in each person's bag.
They also got a plastic glass to pour it in. There were cheese and crackers, biscotti,candy and some other things.

I just happened to have seen the African Rooibos Red tea at
Publix and thought it would be great as Nettie's African Missionary Tea . I happened to have had the religious charms and ribbon at home that I'd used on a previous project. So I tied it around the top of the tea bag.

JF worked very hard on this project, getting the limo and reserving the meeting place. With her experience and expertise it was a success. The ladies have already asked us to plan another outing.***

Here's a picture of the Playbill. I usually save these and look back on them when I want to remember something I enjoyed. When I finally make my Comfort Box the Playbills along with ticket stubs will be inside. I read a book many years ago titled, The Woman's Comfort Book. I found it to be very helpful in suggesting ways to self-nurture. One of the suggestions was to make a comfort box. Use a shoe box, detergent box or whatever you chose. Decorate it any way you want. Inside place things that make you happy or remind you of a pleasant event. You don't place it all at one time. Place items as you go along in life. There may be ticket stubs, love letters, a favorite handkerchief. It can be anything that will arouse good feelings when you need to be nurtured. While this may sound juvenile most often it is when we are young children that we are less judgmental. Revisiting that time of less stress and perils of the world should allow a time to decompress.

We met up at 6:30 at the night spot STEEL.

As you can see it was still daylight because we had not reverted to Central time.

BTW why do we have daylight savings time? What are we saving? Are there dividends, interest?

Photos weren't allowed during the musical so I got only this opening shot of scenery. There was a packed house on opening night. The atmosphere was electric. The sound, scenery, timing and everything was spectacular. Fantasia did not perform. Kenita R. Miller did not disappoint in her portrayal of Celie. She had a strong voice. The entire cast was superb. The orchestra was outstanding. The production was brilliant.
SPOILER: At the end of the play a cast member came out and asked the audience for a few more minutes of their time. She told of how they have been collecting money at each venue they perform and how this money goes toward the rebuilding of homes in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. We were asked to give checks or cash to the cast members who'd be stationed at all exits. To me this was tacky. Tickets sales should have provided a portion to the Katrina effort. I saw many people placing cash and checks in the open receptacles that looked like large salad bowls held by the cast members. I did not give. Somehow I don't think all of that money makes it to the Katrina project. What's to keep a dishonest person from taking all of the cash and pocketing it. It reminded me too much of solicitors who stand in the median of a street with those red Wilson chitterlings buckets begging for money for their church or youth group. Come to think of it the collection bowls they were using were red. Crude.
Here's a pic of the bar in the limo.

Entering the limo was a special feat. Our driver had a step stool for us. The ladies were all shapes and sizes. Gentleman that he was he assisted each and everyone of us inside. This was a stretch limo so we had to step and fold ourselves into unnatural positions to fit ourselves in. I for one threw my purse inside first then heaved my body in. After getting inside I slid down the seat so that the next person could haul herself in.

I'm sure this limo driver has never had this many butts turned up in his face.
Sipping champagne in the limo helped us to lose some of our "up tightness"(Is that a word?)
Here are some of the ladies waiting their turn to crawl into the limo. I have distorted their faces because I didn't ask for their permission to post their pictures. Besides, you never know, someone could be in witness protection or may plan to run for public office. Of course, the way things are politically here in the 'Ham, that probably doesn't matter. More champagne anyone?



  1. Sounds like you had a fab time! I LOVE STEEL!

  2. That was a perfect outing and love the color purple theme and the napkins are a