Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I'm On a Purse Making Binge

A friend said she needed a cross body purse to take with her when she goes out walking. She asked me to make her one.

I ran into trouble when trying to sew vinyl . I don't own a teflon foot and if I have a walking foot, I don't know what it is. Using paper would have left behind residue.

Thank goodness for YouTube. The suggestion was to use baby powder where you plan to sew the seam. I didn't have baby powder but I had cornstarch. Eureka! it worked.
The machine wasn't too messed up. (It needed oiling anyway) and I was able to remove the cornstarch from the purse with a paper towel and water.

The crazed purse lady continues.


  1. Great descriptions! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the new things that you learned as well. You do excellent work!!!

  2. Hi Syl and hoping all is going Well. Cute bag.