Friday, August 19, 2016

Bits and Bobs

Before you read this you need to know;
1. I have been mourning the demise of brick and mortar fabric stores for some time. I bemoan this fact often. So much that you’ll get tired of reading it and say in your head, or maybe even out loud, “This woman needs to get a grip on reality."
2. I repurpose and recycle  A LOT!  And I’m not ashamed.

Since I don’t have much space I have to use my storage space wisely. I don’t do large scale projects so my method works out fine for me.

Here you see one of the bins I keep tools and sewing gadgets in.

You may poo- poo this but, I have put a tiny bit of tape on my bobbins so that the thread won’t unravel and also to conserve it. On some you may notice a small rubber band to keep the thread in place.

Notice that these zipper wrappers look a little faded?  That’s because I got them for 5 cents each at a church flea market. I didn’t care what size or color. They’d never been used. I bought all they had with the idea they may work for future projects.

If you look closely inside the zipper bag, you’ll see that some of the others are attached to either their former garments or an item I messed up on but decided to keep the zipper.

Case in point: When I was making the cross body bag  for my friend out of pleather, I wanted to use a zippered closing but regrettably the zipper was w~a~v~y~ and that wouldn’t do.  If you read that post you’ll remember I ended up using Velcro. I’m sure the experienced sewers out there could tell me where I went wrong. I welcome your knowledge so that I won’t make that same mistake again.

If you’re wondering what the plastic pouches below are …

Each once held a brand new bra.

I saved the pouches for future use either for storage or reuse of the snap. It’d be easy to cut out the snap with its plastic and then sew it on to a light weight project. 

I've also begun listing notions I am running out of or may need, keeping the list on my bulletin board. Once it's full or at a need of desperation, I'll either order online or make the arduous trek to Hobby Lobby or Walmart.

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