Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Vintage Postcard Becomes a Wristlet Purse

I prefer a wristlet or cross body to an over the shoulder purse, although I do carry shoulder bags from time to time. I feel unrestricted  with a wristlet.  I have made others which I thought I'd blogged about but I don't seem to be able to find them . ???????????
They not only meet my needs but I enjoy making them. Here is the latest .
Prewashed  white canvas fabric.
Reverse laser printed enlarged postcard on copy paper from Staples.
thread, scissors, ruler etc.

 Plaid product Picture This  is  brushed onto front side of each picture and then pressed face down onto fabric making sure to smooth out any bubbles. 

Wait 24 hours before removing the paper from the fabric. Many times I'll wait longer just so I'll get a sharply printed image. Don't rub too hard or it will pull some of your image off.
NOTE: To enhance the photo I used a spray varnish on the pictures after they were dry and before I began to sew. Since the item is going to be used I felt this would stabilize wear and tear.

I wanted a curved bottom. Later I found out that it wasn't working for me so I had to revert to a square bottom in the end.

I lined up everything to measure equally and cut out the top (picture) to fit the bottom(vinyl) and sewed the two together.

It needs a lining, although the very first post card wristlet I made wasn’t lined, had no varnish and it was more of an experiment. It is still in great shape.

Since I already had a pink zipper in my stash and there was pink in the picture, I did pink.

Now for the wrist strap (There is no 11-17. Move on. )



Now to make a purse charm.      (Process not pictured. Use your imagination)                          

Went through my stash of beads and baubles-
 Made selections-used head pins and jump rings -Voila-purse charm.                                                                                                 
pic 1 close up of purse charm.
 pic 2 front of wristlet.
 pic3 back of wristlet.

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