Thursday, November 5, 2015


Did the title get your attention?
We Can Always Find Something To Be Thankful For
I enjoy doing arts and crafts that serve a purpose. I'd done a little of the Farmer's Market selling, art show, and general selling. I liked it but mainly I was selling so that I'd replenish the coffers to make more STUFF. I wasn't doing it for profit, just as a hobby and sharing with other liked minded people.

 Somewhere along the way I decided to open an Etsy shop.I sold one item during the 3 years I was there. It's a very competitive market. I didn't promote my wares anywhere. If someone asked me to do a showing, I'd do it but really didn't have a business plan. So, "No give, no take."  Since that time, I have closed the shop. I gave away all of the recycled jewelry to someone who says she plans to open her own shop.

I decided to keep the door pillows I made and I give them out as gifts from time to time. Here are some past and present.
I Love Bingo

The Only Place SUCCESS Comes Before WORK Is In The Dictionary.
 My favorite since I'm a coffee drinker; There's Nothing Like a Cup of Vitamin C in the Morning. 


   One's Destination Is Never A Place But A New Way Of Seeing Things-Henry Miller




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